You Can Modify The Past

Many people feel tied by its past. Many people spend complaining that what cannot be changed since they have a past. What would happen then if the past could be modified? Can you imagine if I could take that decision which both influenced his life again? You will build a more pleasant past? Would you help a person who both needed it? Modify the past is presented as an alternative to having a better present. For example could you take that job, begin their studies in enterd age, invest in those companies that had as much profit. It would be like in the movie back to the future. But, is it possible to change the past? Yes. It is possible and you can do it. Go to Professor of British History for more information. In his book I am happy, I am rich, ANDREW CORENTT, explains that the past can be modified through simple procedures.

Make changes to the past is possible since all the past, present and future is contained in the now. So Buddha said, he said Einstein, says it the Bible, and thousands of other sources. Although many had said it, this secret had never before been presented to the public. Never before anyone dared to break the silence that esoteric schools kept so that its members would enrich immediately. Until now. The procedure is simple and all that requires is a piece of paper and a pencil. You can configure your past to have everything that you want in the present.

Now you could become rich with ease to modify its past and build there (in the past), the life you want to live now, here. And everything will be automatically. You only must start and the rest will happen automatically, since as the author indicates, certain causes produce certain effects. Controlling the causes (which are regularly in the past) affects the effect (which is in the present or future). You can get it if you can choose everything in his life. The choice is yours: long live the life of a Saint, follow the path of the hero, enjoy a rich life. The present article is based on the information contained in the book I am happy, and I am rich.

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