Foreign Ministry

Meanwhile the Russian compatriots who do not wish to dance to the foreign ministry 'tune', it is necessary to seek new forms and methods of work, not only without the support of Russian government, parastatals and even public structures, but often in spite of them. In such harsh Russian compatriots, it is truly preserve the Russian language and spirituality at the behest of the soul, not just mimic the activity of Russian money are forced to seek new forms and methods of work and coordinate their efforts. For example, the chairman of the 'Russian community in Ukraine' K. Shurov already said: 'We do not build illusions, and already getting ready for work under the new law. I think that in soon we will have a virtual seminar with leaders of the two dozen organizations from Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. " And it means creating a system of international co-ordinating organizations of the Russian countrymen out of MFA control and, accordingly, the deepest split in the international organizations of compatriots, that the image of Russia in favor, of course, will not do.

In the comments of the Department of Information and Publications Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the publication of the report of the U.S. State Department on promoting democracy in the world in 2009 is very entertaining arcade, which fully applies to the Foreign Ministry itself. Noting that 'gosdepovsky report formally gives an account of the expenditure allocated to the U.S. foreign ministry budget ', Foreign Affairs notes that' at the same time, the question arises as soon as, according to the State Department, significant advances in 'Problematic' countries from year to year does not happen, despite the growing financial investment, why these efforts do not yield the desired result of the U.S.? In our view, the contents of the report only confirms the fallacy of the principle of 'who do not with the United States – that no democrat ', in which, in fact, evaluated the situation in individual states.