Companys Products

I want to present to your attention products for Agel. The company operates the industry's wellness since 2005. Pioneering companies is to offer the market a fundamentally new type of dietary supplements. Developed by technology-based gel, have a surprisingly high assimilation process 95%. For comparison, the percentage digestibility of tablets, capsules or powders on the level of 15-20%. Yes, now ruler of a population of about 10 species dietary supplements and a full line of cosmetics for skin care. The company's products Agel EXO is a unique mixture of different exotic fruits and plant extracts chokeberry, Noni, Acerola, Acai, and variety of other ingredients.

Each of them is useful, but together they have more efficiently, because a wide variety of natural nutrients designed to meet all the needs of the organism. In conjunction with the FIT proper nutrition and exercise helps to solve the complex problem of obesity. Thanks to a patented natural component, it prevents the accumulation of carbohydrates in the body unused, and slows down formation of fat. It also helps to get rid of the habit is mechanically much, when in fact you are not hungry. MIN contains required daily quota of vitamins and minerals. In addition, all of these useful substances you receive in the form of an unusually tasty gel that is easy to pack, easy to use and which is easily digestible. Thanks MIN any vitamin tablets will soon be forced out of consumption.

OHM Gives clarity and consciousness acuity, without causing overstimulation. So if you feel sluggish and inhibited, or simply exhausted after a long day, do not rely on pointless calories and artificial stimulants. Better prefer OHM, which contains ginseng and other natural substances that help maintain alertness. UMI contains Fucoidan, the discovery of which was probably the highlight of nutrition in the last ten years. Fucoidan has numerous medicinal properties, it is contained in brown algae, which has long been considered to be extremely beneficial to health.

Beauty Salons

* Sight – roam the crowds of onlookers and charged babes, studios are painted bright gaudy colors, colorful balloons and flowers. * Sense of smell – smell hovers itself different cosmetics and perfumes * touch – anywhere to squeeze between the visitors and vendors just do not have enough hands. In general, the atmosphere of the booth and East Fair – a colorful, noisy, zazyvnoy. It uninitiated easily confused, having inflated the thoroughbred mare for a racehorse – as it did in the old days. In addition, each seller does not shun foreign goods find fault, and display their products the best in the world. Error when opening a beauty salon and spa Cabin In this situation, not just seen as tired of the noise, foul air, the excess of information people plunk down for the negotiation table – and have bought chohom first got the equipment supplier for all classrooms. Although it is known that virtually no company, where the entire line would be really good.

There is a 'shock', a strong position, but there are continuous, inefficient things. Such hasty, unwise purchase of equipment – one more often common mistake when creating a beauty salon. Did not properly – ill and died Beauty Salons – like people. Someone husky – plows, a tractor and forges a Stakhanovite money, while others – from birth slackness in the knees, and rickets flatfoot. Just like in the song: 'I bet the fish, but no money nadybat'. No one of the most successful ever complain that 'nowhere to go yet. " But from the leaders of failed audible sobs and sobs constant – 'client went tight-fisted, bred competitors, the master of escape. " No, colleagues, is not so! For several years in consulting salon business, we had seen on decent shops, where the financial tubes, despite the best efforts leadership, pouring a thin trickle of rusty. But for all the similarity – the weak results, suffer such beauty in different ways and in different diseases. Continued follow.