Company Product

The product or service that distributes your company and of which you will take control of the license to authorize other people to be able to acquire them. The product must have three characteristics essentially: Novel in the market. With an excellent quality and that provides best results. Consumable. That it is necessary that a repetitive consumption of the same is realised. 1. Novel in the market: if it has been enough years commercializing itself, the product does not draw attention (to the people the present thing enchants to us, which surprises to us, the novel thing), will be much more complicated to enter the market, since are many distributors of the product and the consumers are won by these.

The product must be revolutionary in its area. That it provides new sensations to the consumer and contributes something to him that has not experimented before with other products. 2. That it has a very good quality: normally in this point you were with problems neither in the direct sale nor in marketing multilevel. Anyone of companies that distribute by these methods their products or services decide basically on this route so that the publicity and promotion of its mark are realised through ” mouth to boca”. A person speaks to him to another one of the product and this speaks as well to another one, etc.

Therefore true fortunes in publicity are saved, since their own affiliates are provided. Those so important expenses that it assumes any company that wishes good results invest it in improving their products, in developing new technologies to improve them and the result in the immense majority of the cases is the obtaining of a product really of very good quality and with excellent results for the final consumer. 3. Consumable products or services: it is most important that the product or service is due to acquire at least once a month. That it takes it to the person enjoys or it, is consumed and must repeat its acquisition the following month. Of this form you will know that every month you will have repetition of consumption.

Organizational Issues

This is organizational – the implementation in practice, worked out the course, the embodiment of political decisions in life, integrative – the strengthening of stability and unity society, the stability of its political and economic systems, prevention and conflict resolution, building consensus on the fundamental principles of the life of the state. ” These functions should be add more communicative – effective representation, expression and reflection of the political agenda of interests and needs of different social strata and groups, implying the protection of social goals, ideals and values characteristic of the society. To effectively implement these functions, the elite should be characterized by such qualities as a modern mentality, a state of thinking, a willingness to Protection of national interests, etc. Also, the political elite has the following functions: investigation and analysis of the interests of different social groups; subordination of interests of different social communities; reflection interests in political attitudes, develop a political ideology (programs, doctrine, constitution, laws, etc.), a mechanism for translating political intentions, the appointment of staff personnel administration; creating and correction institutions, the political system, nomination of political leaders. The role of elites in society, government, economy reflects its function: 1) the elite play a crucial role in determining the political will social group, whole class and to develop mechanisms to implement the will, 2) designed to form elite political goals of their group, class, and 3) elite to regulate the activities of political representation of groups class, batching support, enhancing or limiting it, and 4) are the main reserve of the elite leadership training center for recruitment and placement of executives in different parts of the political and public administration.