MTC Syndromes

Inquiry by acupuncture community investigate means to ask the patient, or your given escort case, about the details of annoyances that have brought it to the query to well understand the pathological process of disease and disorders. Questions are made systematically and must focus on the main complaint that patient concerns as well as the achievement of information necessary to achieve a good differentiation of syndromes. The inquiry covers a broad range of subjects. Below you will find a brief introduction to clinical investigation at MTC: chills, colds and fevers. Besides confirming the presence of chills or fever, also must ask questions such as which of these symptoms is more serious? When they occur? signs which accompany it? etc. since such information is indispensable when it comes to differentiate the different syndromes. Accompanied by fever 1.escalofrios: the simultaneous appearance of chills and fever at the onset of a disorder is an indicator of an exogenous syndrome and the manifestation of that body surface area has been invaded by a pathogenic factor, which is confronted with the antipatogeno Qi.

External syndromes resulting from exposure to pathogenic cold wind usually manifest themselves as severe fever and chills, and usually come accompanied by signs and symptoms such as anhidrosis, headache, generalized pains, and accelerated and superficial pulse. Syndromes of external type due to the invasion of pathogenic hot wind are characterized by mild chills and severe fevers. In these cases, the patient refer thirst, and will probably profuse perspiration and superficial and accelerated pulse. 1.2 Chills and fever in alternation: in these cases the patient may notice alternating chills and fever attacks. This is an indicative intermediate syndromes symptoms. The patient could also mean a bitter sensation in the mouth, SED, feeling of satiety and congestion at the level of the chest and hypochondrium. In addition, the chills, followed by high fever at specific times of the day suggest Malaria.

Investment Law

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