Varnish Floor

If the floor surface is deeper, or tabs, use self-leveling compounds. Conduct further work is possible only after the complete drying of mixtures, ie, when absolute humidity of the base to reach 3%. If the humidity ties still exceeds the allowable, you must use a roll waterproofing material or water-resistant plywood thickness of 15-20 mm. When you change temperature and humidity inside the wooden planks are small deformations, which should take them planted under the plywood. Therefore, before laying sheets of plywood cut into pieces the size of 50 cm to 1 m. Between them compensatory leave gaps of about 5 mm.

Laying on plywood boards should be held towards the window and along the longest wall. We should not forget that the walls and floors must Expansion joints remain centimeter. Attachment to the plywood basis by means of two-component adhesive and screws or nails that are placed in the groove at an angle of 45o to the surface of the board with a step of about 30 With proper installation, see the joints of boards in adjacent rows are spaced at 30-50 cm from the end of laying Expansion joints along the walls are closing wooden baseboards, matched the color of a solid board. Laying on the joists to lay flooring on the joists as necessary to prepare a plywood base, under which, if necessary plank vlagoizolyatsionny material. Plywood sheets 15-20 mm thick is securely fastened to lag, and then polished.

Further stowage is carried out in the same manner as in the concrete base. The important point is to fix the board with nails or screws: they must get into the points base, where the wooden joists. Solid flooring is available in ready-coated and without it. In the first case, simply nailed plinth, in the second half needs further treatment – polishing and coating. If Varnish is used, then it is applied in three approach: each new layer only after the complete drying of the previous one. In addition there are special paints oils or waxes that protect the wood from external influences and stresses its natural figure and color. Massive board – perhaps the most prestigious and beautiful wood flooring. The only drawback of this floor is a pretty high price. However, in this case at a time paid a large sum justifies itself: If you chose a reliable manufacturer of products and laying planks had been carried out by all the rules, carpeting will last for decades. Solid wood floor produced from both hardwood and softwood timber. Anciently known oak floors, renowned for its strength, durability, attractiveness. Hardwood with oak competes Siberian Larch: it has high hardness, moisture resistance, resistance to insect pests. The floors of the wood can be installed not only indoors but also on the terraces, verandas, open areas. Thin pine scent creates a cozy atmosphere, and a variety of natural colors allows you to choose from an array of floor coverings to suit every taste and taking into account the peculiarities of any interior design. For all the above-mentioned advantages larch has one more: the prices of its products are lower than for similar, made of other precious woods, which makes floor coverings made of Siberian larch available wide range of consumers.

The Walls

One has only to begin to experiment freely with the use of mirrors to improve the interior – and the result is simply stunning! "So, the original decorative solution is mirrored ceiling. It allows you to make the interior more spacious, bright, elegant and solemn. In addition, the mirrored ceiling visually doubles the height of the room and extends space. Scope mirrored ceilings, only limited by your imagination. Peter Asaros opinions are not widely known. They are suitable for any office and residential buildings: lobbies, restaurants, game rooms, pools, bathrooms, and many drugih.Zerkalny ceiling lets you embed any decorative items, lamps, domestic and industrial, ventilation, fire and other equipment. Design features allow for mounting even when the curvature of the walls, the presence of grooves, protrusions or irregular shape ceiling. The main colors of the mirror: a colorless, gray, bronze, green, blue, pink, tinted, mirrored tiles .Razmer determined the customer's wishes to the room in which to make installation of the ceiling. There are several dimensions of the mirror tiles: 292h295mm; 395h395; 495h495; 595h595; 295h595; 295h895; 895h895; 1195h1195.Po your request be any combination of tiles, using a variety of colors and sizes of mirror and glass cells.

Optimally and the winning looks that the combination of mirrors, whether it is "Chess", "diagonal" or another that best suits the customer's wishes to the room. Mirrored ceiling can be combined with any other type of ceiling, have a ceiling in a few planes, creating a unique design . tile can be a facet that is polished beveled face of the perimeter tiles, mirror ceiling, giving a special noble style, created by the play of light, refracted by polished faces of the mirror. .