The Walls

One has only to begin to experiment freely with the use of mirrors to improve the interior – and the result is simply stunning! "So, the original decorative solution is mirrored ceiling. It allows you to make the interior more spacious, bright, elegant and solemn. In addition, the mirrored ceiling visually doubles the height of the room and extends space. Scope mirrored ceilings, only limited by your imagination. Peter Asaros opinions are not widely known. They are suitable for any office and residential buildings: lobbies, restaurants, game rooms, pools, bathrooms, and many drugih.Zerkalny ceiling lets you embed any decorative items, lamps, domestic and industrial, ventilation, fire and other equipment. Design features allow for mounting even when the curvature of the walls, the presence of grooves, protrusions or irregular shape ceiling. The main colors of the mirror: a colorless, gray, bronze, green, blue, pink, tinted, mirrored tiles .Razmer determined the customer's wishes to the room in which to make installation of the ceiling. There are several dimensions of the mirror tiles: 292h295mm; 395h395; 495h495; 595h595; 295h595; 295h895; 895h895; 1195h1195.Po your request be any combination of tiles, using a variety of colors and sizes of mirror and glass cells.

Optimally and the winning looks that the combination of mirrors, whether it is "Chess", "diagonal" or another that best suits the customer's wishes to the room. Mirrored ceiling can be combined with any other type of ceiling, have a ceiling in a few planes, creating a unique design . tile can be a facet that is polished beveled face of the perimeter tiles, mirror ceiling, giving a special noble style, created by the play of light, refracted by polished faces of the mirror. .