Marketing Department

Sales managers often make one mistake, which puts them in the confusion at the conclusion of a major transaction with a corporate client. Here is the situation, solutions for which I am often asked to talk to sales training. Manager goes to a potential customer. This is a large enterprise, and to start a redirect to the department that deals with the purchase of this type of goods or services – Supply Department, PR-service Marketing Department, Secretariat, bookkeeping. Since in this department receives a large number of similar proposals, the staff of the department did not want to be one long and hard for something to sell. They are asking that the proposal was sent by fax or e-mail, and do not enter into a long conversation. Thus, at this stage it is impossible to differentiate from competitors.

If successful sales manager goes to a good level of communication in the department, the procurement, the situation is often inhibited at the stage of confirming the transaction entity to manage money. Caterer spreads his hands: "I am so, and syak boss explained – he was in any. Or has other suppliers, or simply his vision – he did not particularly something and listen. In short, I can not make a difference, though I want to take you. " Oh, how managers hate this situation! Especially if the boss' so arrogant (busy, steep, etc.), that it has impossible to get! There is one thing that needs to know a professional seller, so do not despair and do not be upset in that situation.


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