Although the food scrap iron is not absolutely responsible for the development of the cellulitis, contributes to the accumulation of fat and toxins and aid to the formation of the cellulitis. A diet effective it consists of, fresh fruits, vegetables, salads of crude cabbage, tomatos, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, etc. also many fresh fruits contain compound that have the capacity to fight the present free radicals in the body. Its food must consist of proteins, thin meats (like of the tuna and the chicken), oil of fish, seeds and nuts. A diet against the cellulitis also improves the health of the circulation and therefore the weaves, reduce the arterial pressure and the cholesterol levels, improve the immunity of the body, it reduces stress and it improves the flexibility of the body and the coordination.That is, if it reduces fats, it improves the elasticity of the skin. Of all ways he is advisable to consult to a described dietician to suggest a suitable healthful diet for his corporal constitution, and remembers, a suitable diet will not be sufficient by itself to help him to lose more fast cellulitis. Exercises to lose Cellulitis the exercises are good for the general health and the physical form, but all the exercises not to lose weight it can use to lose cellulitis.For this intention it is necessary to focus in exercises that concentrate in the specific areas, like the thighs, stomach and arms.These exercises will help him in the loss of the cellulitis and at the same time it will increase its energy level and it will reduce to the anxiety and stress.A regular regime of cardiovascular exercises, like trotar, to walk and to swim helps to reduce the cellulitis generally.Anaerobic exercises work muscles helping to metabolizar the wished fat and not to avoid their accumulation.This type of exercise also increases to the sanguineous circulation and aid to eliminate toxins and the greasy cells of weaves of the affected skin.A program of force exercises trims in the infected areas of cellulitis (20 minutes a pair of times per week), along with 20 minutes of trote, really can help to lose the cellulitis.It considers that the exercises must be made regularly and takes some time to be able to see the results. Style of life In synthesis, more important, it must change its style of life and resign to the bad habits of feeding and sedentarismo, since these contribute in a great percentage to the accumulation of fats and toxins that derive in the formation of the cellulitis. Dahua Tim Wang describes an additional similar source. To make small changes like walking until the business near house instead of of going in car, to raise stairs instead of to take the elevator, to use the bicycle, to make small exercises good early in the morning they would help him to fight the cellulitis. You suffer of that ugly Cellulitis?If you are like 90% of the women, then the answer is, Yes.The cellulitis does not discriminate, affects million women of all the ages.For many, it is cause of great insecurity and shame.


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