Business Plan

Skinny, unreadable and useless. Conclusion: Business planning – this is nonsense. It was not worth wasting time on this nonsense. How many plans are not operational and the staff does not want to work. Is that for a bank loan will fit. but why Even the most responsible chief accountant all same business plan does not write or write little or no time. And it is quite right – he has no incentive. His salary and zamorenny and cunning accountant will in any case. Could a chief accountant to write a business plan is of good quality? In 98% cases – no. Firstly, it is an accountant, not a strategist. He does not know how to write business plans and can not learn this in snatches between bank documents and records to the tax. Secondly, a financier by profession is not too large angle. Yes, he is aware of the finances of the company. But there are also links with customers, suppliers, and most importantly – a sea of people who do not know about your company nothing. None of our employees will not be a fresh look at its product, the company itself, business as a whole. Independence of the assessment will supersede corporate ethics and subordination. At least one employee will be able to tell the head of that company's personnel policy is not working? If you say, they hear him? If hear what to do? what to do? Invite a specialist from outside. Here too there are several obvious questions.

Online Store

Short guide for budding entrepreneurs from the practice. E-shop – it is nothing more than a showcase for real business. For a real business, selling any goods or services. Make money without a real infrastructure will not work. Charles Lowe Insurance Agency: the source for more info. First you need to find at least 100,000 rubles. 1.

Share capital and costs jur. face capital – a laptop or pc to 20000 rubles. You can even make as capital smartphone, but its real value should be at least 10 thousand rubles. Costs jur. person – the stamp duty + lawyer + lawyers + print = 8500 rubles. for Moscow or St.

Petersburg. Need to open a company with one shareholder. Location address may attain to the level at the gene. director, ie, you. When registering, you choose the correct form of taxation! If you intend to sell tangible goods or services only to nat. individuals, the best thing – 'simplified taxation 6%' But! Remember that Your trade margin must not be less than 10% otherwise you will be burned up in the first month. Better if the margin is not less than 25%. If you intend to sell tangible goods to nat. and jur. persons, including Software License – is uniquely selected 'common system of taxation from VAT'. Services can best be a 'simplified taxation 6%' for any type of consumer. The whole process takes one week. 2. Bank account where the key point – Convenience Internet Client-Bank, so as not to run with card payments and the rate and timing of payments. Very (well, just so) recommend UralSib pot.

Organizational Structure

In today's world more and more important information. Trend towards the rapid development of computing and transmitting-receiving equipment leads to the fact that the speed of data dissemination is expanding every day. Exit Internet accessible to a wide range of people. The World Network is not static, but expanding, modernizing, increasing the speed of data access, the number of .Sayt serves as a business card in the network Internet. In addition, it can perform many other functions that you order. Such functions could include: the possibility of ordering goods or services, communication, entertainment, information or assistance, file sharing, many others. Internet is becoming an important new link in the development of almost any organization: from small firms (for example, dealing with Smart Home systems> and other control facilities at home) – to corporations and large production (eg, security equipment). The set of orders for development (creation) sites and the promotion goes to the web-studio, which implement the requirements set by the customer. Organizational enterprise consists of departments, well-coordinated interaction of which provides a solution to the problem in time. In each division appointed head of the department, which is the link between his subordinates and other departments. Except addition, the head of the department responsible for the activities of his department. Consider separately each department of the organization: the department to work with clients – provides a link with the customer, clarifying and formalizes its claim to the project. After all the client's wishes, the department determines the timing of this job. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Department of web-design – work to create test models of future sites, including customer selects the most appropriate. Creating the final graphical representation of the site. Department web-programming – the implementation of all customer requirements relating to the software part of the project. For example, for Online store – are other elements such as management tools catalog of goods, means order and purchase goods via the Internet and others. Front test – verify that all site features. In the case of finding any flaws in the graphics or software component of the project, he goes back for revision in the relevant unit, then re-tested before full correction of all errors. Front Service projects – filling the site information content, site promotion in search engines and support services for the Internet resource. Finance Division – regulation of financial issues. External Relations Department – Provides for cooperation with other organizations such as companies that provide services to advertising on the Internet. Thus, the department is the link between the customer and partner organizations. Front Analysis and Development – examines the effectiveness of advertising the site on the Internet, searches for the best keywords for website promotion of the customer. In addition, following the change in the market for Internet services, analyzes competitiveness of the organization, based on which decisions are made about upgrading, retraining, staff or other measures to promote the company. Director – receives information on the progress of works, financial position and competition in the market from all departments, selects a strategy for the organization, supervises and directs the departments. Responsible for the activities of the enterprise.

New Enterprise Model

Besides, I believe that Dr. Brache's book is a theoretical and practical guide together. First of all, it contains detailed information about every single part of the enterprise model and it can be very valuable for the researches who deal with some theoretical models of business organization. Secondly Dr. Brache's book has a great practical value. The enterprise model is not just smacked around part by part but it is said how managers on every level can influence a particular variable to improve performance. Besides we all know the old truth saying that the more information is in the book the less reader's desire to read it all. In Dr. Peter Schiff does not necessarily agree.

Brache's book there is a lot of useful information but the reader does not feel overwhelmed and stuffed with facts and examples. Thanks to the structure of the book with titles, subtitles and questions which classify and optimize information it is a pleasure to read it. Hence it easy to find required information just opening the right page and that is what makes this book a good piratical guide too. Despite all the valuable information which is in Dr. Brache's book I believe that it would be impossible to cover all the topics about organization in one book.

I think that considering an enterprise a 'living organism' special attention should be paid also to the links which connect 'organs' in enterprise's 'body' and processes how they interact. It can be a separate research which together with this book would be a perfect and complete theoretical and practical guide. In addition to all that has been said above it appears obvious to me that the new enterprise model will be changing in the future due to many external processes for example technical progress which is far more intensive now than it used to be in xx century. I believe that it will invariably evolve from Brache's 'New Enterprise Model' because it's working and 'living' system. Denis O. Svyatun

Business In Crisis

Economic Background In today's sluggish economic crisis, which (at least in our country) and the end edges are not seen to organize your business was, if not quite impossible, then certainly a very difficult. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. It is not even in the absence of bank loans and small business development program, and a simple lowering of consumption caused by depletion of the population. Will not develop this theme, simply note that to sell something become very difficult. And here, as usual, but also has its own! There are groups of products that consumers can not buy. This so-called essential commodities to the list which includes food, medicine, hygiene, clothing and footwear, etc.

In those industries with the advent of the crisis, too, has changed dramatically, but their nature is a bit different – there was the shift in demand to lower-cost segments. But if in the food trade and their such a substitution has occurred mostly with cheaper domestic counterparts, in our clothing segment, and so is not particularly spoiled buyer back any longer – can only be satisfied with the results of labor the great Chinese people. But what if you do not want to go to t-shirts moulting after the first washing, sprawling sneakers, jackets, out of shape after a week of socks, and jeans, which are drawn on the second lap day? And here comes to the aid already almost forgotten the 90 "second hand". Many people wince at the word, especially men, but nevertheless quietly building measures the things brought by the wife of the "flow" (this word is often a substitute for "second hand" want to deceive yourself).

Marketing Management In Concert Organization

Under the same philosophy of business organization is attuned to the needs and demands of the population. all the structural units of theatrical and concert organizations should be able to share information, coordinate their plans and their implementation. Lack of barriers between functions and between departments, spread the philosophy of marketing for the entire organization becomes an important competitive advantage in today’s services market. Workers from different structural units should work together as a well-coordinated team. This approach allows us to define marketing as a set of ideas that should be across the organization integral, which must be managed. The process of planning a marketing activity is part of the development plan for the organization and carried out by marketing management. Marketing Management serves the philosophy and means of intensifying marketing activities whose primary purpose is not just marketing and sales promotion, and demand management. It represents purposeful activities related to achieving sustainable competitive advantages of organizations in a market that includes such stages as environmental analysis, situational analysis and forecast of the market and capacity-building organizations, developing goals and strategies of behavior in the market, planning marketing goals and tactics of behavior of organizations within a specific situation, develop a plan of the marketing mix, implementation of the plan, ie organization, management, control over the implementation of marketing activities and evaluate the results of marketing activities. Marketing management as a function of entrepreneurial activity acts as a regulator of causality between demand and supply based on continuous tracking of consumer behavior and mechanism of enterprise adaptation to the constantly changing economic conditions in the market..