Advertising Strategies Bear Fruit

Comment by Sebastian Adam to the Olympic Games in Beijing comment by Sebastian Adam the year 2008 stands for China clearly dominated the Olympic Games. For months already running China’s media machine in high gear, the symbolic importance of the long to carry forth longed sport events in the last corner of the country. The West, however, watching Spellbound, as China’s society increasingly opens up the critical world. The most important player of the Olympics but is without a doubt: the World Wide Web. As the athletes to wear their duels, most people in the West still in the bed. Credit: San Antonio Spurs-2011.

Only the Internet offers the best and most comprehensive opportunity at any time to inform himself about the current events, results and analyses of games. And here too China eyeing a new record. Not only their own technical abilities are demonstrated, but also the coverage provided by Sydney and Athens in the shade. At this year’s games with security represent a country, whose economy his rich heritage now in nothing more behind. China’s high economic growth of over 11% in the past year attracts mainly international companies.

For example, Volkswagen, with whom we work since 2001 together, will sell over one million cars in China this year. Thus, the Middle Kingdom is VWs world’s largest sales market. The reasons for this lie not only in the technical services of the cars. The realization has prevailed also in the top of the group, that a marketing strategy will only succeed if we can meet the culture and the traditions of China with care and reverence. Chinese culture again reflected: the success of a brand is primarily dependent on its relation to the country’s culture. Therefore, old Chinese values in the planning of promotional strategies should be included necessarily. The analysis developed by DMG and marketing tool is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, as well as on the 2,000-year-old equilibrium matrix of heaven, Earth and man.


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