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Companies, pure online solutions and SaS are always kostenintensiverer investments in the development of own infrastructure on the rise. The Internet has learn how we work, how we buy, how we inform ourselves, the way in the last few years as we and how we communicate with each other greatly changed. For several years, the experienced to the software as a service “(SaS) ASP idea developed further now a Renaissance not least due to the ever-increasing complexity of software and hardware and the associated care and care expenses.” At the same time the frame parameters match those of increasingly market needs. Software as a service (SaS) or also application service providing (ASP) operates a service provider to an application and provides you the customer via public networks (usually the Internet) available. More information is housed here: Peter Asaro. A SaS / ASP offer is a customer promise of performance-related conditions due to high scale and maximum transparency. Furthermore, the decision-relevant market factors have worsened. For more information see this site: Dennis Lockhart. On the basis of the rising cost pressure companies are increasingly, whether the costs can be reduced through a redesign of work processes and their outsourcing.

The applications will be also the introduction phase companies increasingly complex and thus longer and longer. At the same time the life cycle of the technology is the investment protection shorter and thus increasingly difficult. As a consequence, the use of software as a service of a partner for specialized or also the interplay of multiple services from different partner offers. Companies, pure online solutions and SaS are always kostenintensiverer investments in the development of own infrastructure on the rise. SaS provides a tangible benefit smaller and medium-sized enterprises: care and maintenance assumes the provider for a monthly fixed price per employee.

Accounts for investments in expensive server hardware. Makes possible to calculate the risk. Another plus: The monthly costs are deducted directly from the tax and don’t have over the years be written off. A higher focus on their own core competences and thus a needs-based adaptation of their own IT skills allowed the advantages for SaS SaS customers and based on contractually defined service levels the growth, for which the SaS risk operating his own capital avoids resources SaS, since no PreInvestments require SaS based typically on a consumption-based billing model (pay as you use) SaS allows optimization of costs (such as with fluctuating intensity of use), SaS allows short Implementationszeiten SaS allows a reduced complexity of simultaneous ability to interoperability with other SaS applications the software used, this being the provider to ensure SaS and security high security servers overvoltage protection, and burglary shall absolve customer from expenditures for the care, make regular backups in addition to firewalls and day-current antivirus and spam protection for maximum safety, which can realize a company itself is difficult.

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