Affordable Housing?

The housing sector is one of the most important in providing the necessary needs of the modern man. Degree of its development largely determines the level of population and evidence of its prosperity. Across State housing is developed infrastructure is the main driving force of socio-economic development because it directly linked to demographics, as well as a rational distribution productive capacity and human resources in the territory. Housing problem in Russia With respect to our country, the housing problem in Russia has always stood sharply enough. The most productive period is considered to be 1959 – 1962 years. when it was put into operation 324 million m2 of housing. If you have read about Home Depot already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The massive construction of those years is only partially and briefly allowed to solve the "housing problem". However, as a result of reforms in the housing sector during the period of 1991-2005 years, were canceled planned administrative methods of construction and housing distribution that gave the problem more acute and caused social tension in society. Disappointing statistics show that during the years of market reforms in Russia the number of families receiving housing or improved their housing conditions by the state, down from 1.3 million in 1990 to 151 thousand – in 2005, currently housing needs are as follows figures: – about 5 million families, most of which belongs to the poor, standing in the queue for flats, with the average waiting time is 15 – 20 years – to 1014 thousand people (including 306 thousand veterans and persons with disabilities 708 thousand citizens belonging to other categories), the Russian Federation in accordance with federal law has a public obligation to provide housing – general need for the Russians in housing is 1,570 million m2, and to satisfy its need in the most limited terms to increase the housing stock at 46.1%. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Miami Congresswoman and gain more knowledge..

Housing Estates

In 2007-2008, the greatest demand in the segment of suburban real estate will enjoy the cottage communities of luxury "and" business "located in the unique recreational areas of the Southern coast of Crimea – on the coast or in the foothills. According to experts cottage real estate market of the Crimea and Black Sea region will inevitably repeat the trend in Europe and Russia. Demand will shift from individual cottages and arrays of chaotic development to the villages, implemented on a single architectural building concept, which provides for the mandatory presence of a complex communications, services, protection, recreation areas, green areas. Miami Congresswoman describes an additional similar source. Inside this cottage settlement will not multimeter "fortress" walls plots chaotic building, sloppy sheds and outbuildings, groomed roads. Settlement created on a single concept, will have its own unique "micro climate", ie, a maximum of comfort for its residents.

" Russia has already entered this stage of development, now the trend we clearly see in the Kiev region. According to analysts, over the past 3-4 years the cost of new homes in the Russian cottage settlements increased by 1,5-3 times. In Ukraine, the price of cottage settlements built in 2005 grew by 5% per month. Development of cottage property in the Crimea, according to experts, prevents lack of land suitable for projects, as well as lack of information about the market, its operators, prospects and proposals. This situation is partly explained by the orientation of a number of projects exclusively for overseas buyers. Nevertheless, today the price for 1 square. m. in the cottage, starting from 1500 at. E., reach in 3500. is, all operators predict strong growth in prices in 2007-2008.

Russian Housing

Housing affordability. Problems and solutions meet potential demand for housing prevent low levels of housing construction, is just over 40 million m2 per year (for comparison: in 1987 the volume of the input housing in Russia amounted to 76 million m2). Inadequate supply and high demand give rise sky-high prices per square meters, depriving millions of Russians the opportunity to realize their legitimate right to housing. Currently, only 9% of households able to buy housing on their own or with borrowed funds. Indisputably, the problem is marked in the center attention of senior management of the country, as evidenced by starting in September 2005, the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens.” Housing affordability is primarily determined by its value.

In According to modern views, the purchase of real estate will afford an average family of three, if the average cost of a standard apartment of 54 m2 is equal to the average cumulative cash income for the owners three years. Providing such an approach will be possible only if the construction costs dramatically reduced, and its speed is as radically increase. Just fulfillment of these conditions will closer to the realization of a project that by the end of 2010, scheduled the following results: – increase the volume of newly introduced and reconstructed housing in 2 times (from 41.2 to 80 million m2 per year) – reducing the average waiting time in queue (from 15 -20 to 5-7 years) – increase in the proportion of families that are available to purchase housing, in 3,2 times (from 9% to 30%).. .

Step Housing

Accumulating seed money for housing, people are asking how to buy it? As with the use of borrowed money to buy an apartment? Note the main advantages of the mechanism of acquisition of housing by program "Housing move 'before housing cooperatives. Check with Craig Menear to learn more. The mechanism of action of the program "Housing move" fundamentally different from the cooperatives. Cooperatives, although based on the collective interaction of the participants, originally created as a more risky forms of organization! Cooperatives in more detail in a separate article. It shows why co-operative system does not always work for the benefit of the population. For clear understanding of and opportunities for collective housing funded program "Housing step" is necessary to understand its fundamental difference from other systems of home purchase by installments (cooperatives and the banking mortgages). The following are some basic differences of the program "Housing move 'from cooperative systems.

1 reviewing and examining the many reviews of the various cooperatives on the Internet, the essence of most of them can be reduced to that consumer co-operatives do not fulfill their promises and do not bear any responsibility. At the same time is unwise to assume that the organizers and founders of all cooperatives are initially dishonest intentions relation to their future clients. The reason for this situation lies in the fact that the mechanism underlying the operation of cooperatives, from the very beginning has many disadvantages. The main drawback of co-operative storage systems – a source of financing the purchase of an apartment for a shareholder who has made only 50% of its value.

Housing Value

Dittenheber & Werner from Munich lawyers inform the amount of spousal maintenance during the period of separation and the divorce is influenced by the rent-free use of apartments or houses. The basics of clearing this, called living value advantage with maintenance performance portray the Munich-based family law expert of the law firm Dittenheber & Werner. A spouse of living in separation or divorced couple using an apartment that is located in the property of the spouses, or together, was hired without providing rental services for this purpose, it enters the enjoyment of an eligible advantage in height saved rent. He reduces the amount of legally justified spousal maintenance as a living value. In a question-answer forum Peter Schiff was the first to reply. The value of residential real estate, calculated differently, depending on whether the spouses are in the time of the separation or already legally divorced.

During the statutory period of separation, the housing value is not about the amount of actually saved rent. Instead, it includes only the local rental appropriately reduced size, which corresponds to the matrimonial living conditions, would pay the apartment use spouse for an apartment. About this upcoming favoring the home user goes back to the assumption underlying the separation time, a reunion of the spouses is still conceivable. Learn more at: Nicholas Carr. In the sense of legally imposed protection of conjugal cohabitation apartment use is encouraged here, not complicate a coming together of separate spouses. The favoring of the apartment using spouse ends with the legal force of the divorce. At that time, the residential value of full local rent of a residential property of appropriate size and quality is determined and applied on the spousal support.

If the spouses within the legal separation phase to decide finally to settle the economic consequences of divorce, or have a valid marriage contract that does this, the full value of living with beginning comes the separation time of the application. Other special features of the individual case, such as ownership, redemption obligations and advantages gained by the spouse who does not use the residential property, included in determining the value of living. To achieve an equitable interest determining of the value of living, is a specialist legal advice to be recommended.

Housing Ministry

The rehabilitation of buildings for homes, hotels, offices, industrial buildings and singular buildings is becoming a greater weight in the construction sector and in State, regional and municipal policies. PM enterprises are the best guarantee to carry out these interventions without deviations from cost and time. In Spain there is a park built of 25 million homes. Of those, half have more than 30 years old and about six million more than 50 years. In many cases these homes present major shortcomings in its thermal and acoustic insulation, energy efficiency and its accessibility and livability.

Thus, there is a significant scope for the residential rehabilitation, taking into account, in addition, that rehabilitation represents only 25% of the production in the construction sector, in Spain when in the EU15, the average weight of this sector rises to 37%. The rehabilitation of buildings and dwellings traditionally is the object of the work of small businesses, which employ more than 70% of the people who work in the building sector is labour intensive. Also, for the implementation of these interventions are needed materials and building systems adapted, but above all a specific training of workers and management and instruments helps citizens in carrying out works that require their homes. The Government is supporting the rehabilitation processes with direct grants (amounting in the housing and rehabilitation Plan 2009-2012 to 1,767 million euros), tax benefits included in Royal Decree Law 6/2010 andthe financing from the Fund of the law of sustainable economy. The Housing Ministry has recently proposed the creation of a social platform for the promotion of the rehabilitation, which will drive new instruments that will strengthen the activity of the sector and its ancillary industries, so its activity will reach 35% of the total of the building sector, which is the target by 2020 in the sustainable development strategy. In addition, the hospitality industry takes since 2009 applying the Plan Renove of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade with an investment of 500 million euros for the rehabilitation and improvement of touristic infrastructures. Everything indicates that the rehabilitation sector will have increasing importance in the construction sector, address the shortage of new construction projects. In this type of intervention, companies of integrated management of projects bring all his experience in control of costs and deadlines in projects of rehabilitation and reform for the hospitality industry, offices, industrial, commercial and residential centers.

Housing Associations

2D and 3D-Grundrisse 1000hands AG for exposes and online portals within 24 h from 12,95. Berlin, January 12, 2009 – the user of the online floor plan services of 1000hands AG now receive when ordering a 2D-Grundrisses of an apartment a lucrative add-on package: 3D views from nine different angles of view are supplied for each apartment. Thus, the prospective tenant has a previously not offered possibility to see his future homes very plastic online. The 3D-Zusatzpaket is available for an additional cost of less than 10.00. Ordinary plans play an increasingly important role in a modern and contemporary marketing. In addition to photos offer important information on the size and distribution of property among its stakeholders and take to purchase crucial. Official site: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The process is simple: the customer delivers the 1000hands AG the old template as a file, fax or by post staff of 1000hands AG make it an optimized layout for rental and sale. Fast, consistent, cheap and direct sales.

The customer has the free choice from more than 100 floor plans. For the Internet the 1000hands AG has designed floor plan types that are optimized with regard to representation, information density, file format and transmission capacity. Real CAD floor plan in DWG format are available in addition to the popular bitmap formats like JPG, GIF or TIF. Therefore, the floor plans are actually true to size and bemassbar. Also, the calculations can be performed after WoFlV or after II. BV, gif MF-G and DIN 277.

Customers have free design possibilities with regard to: outline-style, 2D or 3D color choice label space stamp furnishings dimension calculation. About the 1000hands AG 1000hands AG focuses on the building documentation. A large team of over 100 professionals from the fields of surveying, architecture and CAD is available for the customers. Altogether the 1000hands AG has edited in the last five years about 100 million square meters of building area. Services include the surveying, the CAD editing and Calculations according to national and international standards. Contact 1000hands AG Carsten Kogel Joachim-based Street 12, 10719 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30-889 15 300 fax: + 49 (0) 30-312 65 99 E-Mail: Web: floor plan

Housing Lending

In the West, the vast majority of the population have long been accustomed to live 'in debt'. Moreover, a loan to buy, mainly real estate. Without fear or doubt become expensive homes, almost all my life but pay the mortgage … And live happy! Can not we also? It's no secret – the accommodation in Perm now expensive. Reasons for the increase in prices – and not very objective – a lot. But this is a topic for another material. Especially because no matter how much cost per square meter, the acquisition of Housing remains a priority list for almost any family.

Still too early to talk about creating a regional market of affordable housing as a fait accompli. However, Perm-city, not without opportunities. In today's market Real Estate operates several schemes offering Perm inhabitants to buy housing, paying for it for several years. Another thorny issue – the mortgage. The ratio to the collateral real estate today is ambiguous. Skeptics argue that the classical scheme of mortgages we can not yet realized. The arguments are simple: there can not be our borrowers because of high housing prices and exorbitant interest rates. And those who find the money for a down payment and interest payments on loans, are not of the 'target audience', for which established such a mechanism.

Some experts even claim that the mortgage is not created people, and in the public interest: housing loans are used primarily as a strategic mechanism for involvement in the housing construction sector long-term financial resources for all other industries. Meanwhile, in the several regions of Russia set up and operate a truly market-based system of mortgage lending. And the number of people wishing to participate in this system is far superior financial resources of the region. Today, bank lending banking institutions engaged in lending to people on an independent real estate purchase. It is believed that the bank generally considers private contributions as a platform for development. The volume of credits granted to the population of real estate in the past 2 years increased faster pace in comparison with the volume of lending of other species. Click Fosun to learn more. It is also important that, according to yourself bankers, bank lending for the purchase and construction of housing has good prospects for development. Together with the stabilization process of socio-economic situation of the banks is a gradual reduction in interest rates on consumer loans, including long-term loans for real estate. Increased supply of various types of lending for housing. The main reason insufficient access to bank loans for a wide range of people referred to are usually pretty stringent requirements for borrowers' creditworthiness. In addition, one of the conditions of the loan is transparency of client's income. However, in light of the unfolding of recent combat pay 'in the envelope', this issue may fall off by itself.

Private Coaching

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The Two

Many of the people that I recommend to buy shares today are the same people that I to buy shares in 2005. That is why in the nineties instead of buying bonds at low interest low do not buy tech stocks was revolutionizing the world at that time?. The theory is that in the financial market had done a 25% return per year. These strategists are very convincing reasons to believe in his theory. simply are wrong a lot. There is no way to predict the market Financial with any degree of certainty. Other leaders such as Peter Schiff offer similar insights. Of course we can take risks, and guess what will happen, but the chances of losing everything is much bigger. But the truth do not recommend this tactic for political gains and life savings.

If we can not predict the future market, we can not see the stock and bond market as a set of decisions. The two create good opportunities and costs for our portfolio, but generally revolutionize both markets. Shares provide great opportunities to generate good returns but the cost is our exposure to heavy losses. The bonds provide income and stability change, but the cost is relatively low return ratio. If you had followed this balanced discipline in 1999 bonds have saved our portfolio of large recessions than two years ago to generate a fixed income for 10 years Over the last few. Surely today do not invest in bonds because we will surely win the actions. Usually in the long term there is not overcome it. Visit Fosun for more clarity on the issue.

We bought it because we want a part of our money is protected. That’s the main reason why buy bonds. For this year we expect turbulence in the two markets. If the economy improves value stocks recover, foul-brood would be great for those who invest in them. While the bonds will continue to have low ratios, the important thing is to have a portion of our money protected. If the economy goes through a little turbulence rest assured we will have a portion of our money in bonds. I would not try to find the best returns of 2010, but what I can say is that if you apply balanced tactics will end up being in the right market

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