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Together, these three reasons constitute just incredible armor, through that no logical argument can not get through. “It’s a long time. It’s hard. It does not seem too promising. To hell with infoprodukty! “- They think. But well, let’s not make (at least at first) infoprodukt author. What are the alternatives? I know of only two available for the novice (ie, the Infobusiness!) Affiliate Programs Resale others infoproduktov What is this? Affiliate Program – this is, in fact, dealership. You sign up for affiliate of another entrepreneur (become its dealer, or affiliate, as they say in the West), get a personalized affiliate links to sites selling it (ref-link they are called) and advertise directly to them already.

For every sale, perfect for your link, you get a pre-determined fee. Typically, a percentage of the price. For example, 30%. Continue to learn more with: Wang Qunbin. This is beneficial for you? Yes. You see, I have itself has an affiliate program. And I, like anyone else, know well how much you can earn on this: I personally know people who earn thousands of dollars a month, just unwinding with a dozen other people’s products on affiliate. (And even going to introduce you to one of them) is beneficial. What are resale rights? It’s simple: you only need to purchase a license for a infoprodukt the author (some infoprodukty ALL AT ONCE come with resale rights) and then you can sell them already from the site, leaving himself 100% profit.

This is beneficial? Yes. I have experience in this area – not so long ago, we launched the product “Azamat Ushanov All on one DVD. He bad for sale and has long paid for the money we spent on the purchase of licenses (as many as five courses there, 7CD, not counting bonuses). And considering that many buyers who purchased the DVD, return to our site and ordered more products – we are in an obvious plus! .. Another sensational example of success in a niche business in the resell rights – Eugene Smirnov. His book with the title unreadable Access Card 2.0 (bet ten bucks that the first word you read correctly :-)) already time to light up in the lists of many successful Internet priprinimateley and bring good profit to the author! .. What does he look like? DVD collection of products (where they were about three dozen), coming from the resale rights. Ie You can buy them and resell. The amounts of their monthly earnings up to run the Access Card (that is, when Eugene was selling these products individually), the author does not hide: Now, I’m sure these figures are more serious, as he promoted the product. That’s all, in my opinion.

Investment Technology

I am often asked: 'Why did I build my business in the Russian Million and how it differs from other projects in the network? 'I'll try to answer in simple language, based on what I have learned many things and gained a good experience. If we consider that I'm still quite young, I have not once written to all states the following: 1. Every beginner needs a mentor who has achieved good results and success in your chosen form of business. The founder of this project, which I started build your business, is Vladimir cold – one of the first Internet entrepreneurs in the Russian-speaking Runet. He is also a lawyer. Investor with experience in the financial market, forex, business consultant Investment Technology and teacher by vocation.

Modern investment practices and e-business. He has extensive experience in business. I chose him as his mentor in this area. Quote Vladimir ( 'Dear friends! Our acquaintance with you in the vast network is not accidental. For many of you value words such as: home business, electronic commerce, the earnings on the web, are long known and cherished this dream and purpose. Internet has entered our lives and it's hard to disagree.

To me, one of the first in RuNet had to create their future. But I really like this! Therefore, only the real life practice and allowed me to successfully move toward its goal. I sincerely want to give you the knowledge I received as I was, one of the few who know very well how difficult it is to make decisions and to start a business without sufficient experience and knowledge. '2. Every newcomer wants to get a business' Net step by step instructions on what and how to do that dobitsya result. By subscribing to our FREE newsletter – you have to get the first lesson of the building in order to take action now. You can see for yourself. his company is just beginning to gain momentum – and you can take a leading position in the Internet. Internet is evolving at a frantic pace. 3. Becoming a partner, you get guaranteed assistance in setting up a business, provided that you work and do everything that is written in the course. Poyavlyatesya result, when every day do something. Most of it is advertising on the Internet and team building. 4. Also not rely just on income – that is, on the first day to earn money you can not. At the beginning of your time, and then returns. As in building any business. 5. And I think the most important point – is to build business on trust, establish warm contact with their partners, namely the Internet and never disappoint! So draw your own conclusions if you do not know where to start, then I suggest you join in our project and you'll have guarantee to ensure its future. Just do not miss this opportunity. My personal practice. So go ahead and proceed once more – for you, no one will do. First of all subscribe to the newsletter to read project, and then make conclusions for themselves and follow-up. MY WEBSITE: WWW.BRIUS.INTWAY.INFO

Recruiting Agency Jobs

Whom to entrust the selection of personnel? How to choose a recruitment agency? By what criteria to estimate it, so as not to be mistaken? Here are the concerns of employers. Agency of the Association of the regional employment agency ARKA, regularly conduct surveys of their potential customers – the employers in order to determine what criteria are most important to managers when selecting a recruitment agency? Here we have from the very beginning we have in mind only those recruiting agencies (hereinafter – CA), who take the obligations and, therefore, receive a fee only to employers. These agencies are called himself, as a rule, recruiting or recruitment agencies. Agencies that lived at the expense of job seekers and employers to declare a "free choice of personnel" in this review, we do not consider as "free services" in the business can not be determined. As The survey showed, to varying degrees are important for consumers were 24 criteria: the criterion for assessing post mentions a% Record of service in the market 92 2 The degree of fame / reputation Recommendations 90 3 87 4 Number of peers and the level of previously closed vacancies (the "client list") 79 5 Smart presentation, a personal impression 68 6 quality, attendance and frequency of updates on the Internet 65 7 guarantees to meet deadlines for selecting candidates (optimally 2-4 weeks) 58 8 55 9 Reliability guarantees Clear algorithm (technology) search, selection and presentation of candidates 52 10 51 11 Fees Flexible payment 46 12 Experience the closing of similar vacancies in recent years 43 13 Systematic and quality of advertising in the media 41 14 Membership Professional Associations 36 15 Demonstration of a good knowledge of the market wage / personnel 34 16 The availability and quality of publications in the media 32 17 Possession of methods of "target search" 27 18 The volume of database professionals 25 19 The presence of affiliates / partners in elsewhere 24 20 Modern office, friendly negotiation and interviewing candidates 19 21 Privacy policy cooperation 17 22 Ready for Customer Specific Solutions 16 23 Adequate office equipment (fax, e-mail, computers), the presence of at least 3 phone lines, 13 24 The proposal related services (training, salary survey, outsourcing, etc.) 10 now comment on the choice of customers: how a particular factor is important, worthy of trust, what are the nuances and tricks, how to "measure" these factors.

The Company

Companies are divided into two camps: some cutting workers, and others are buying up the wonderful experts on the cheap and think that they are lucky. "The crisis – a new opportunity to get experience, broaden horizons," – say their managers and give an example of one of her clients, an experienced PR-specialist, who lost her job because of the crisis, but three weeks later found a new, changing industry and almost lost in salary. And the winners were two sides: the company has acquired a specialist high-end for which could not count to the crisis, and people not only found work quickly, but also had the opportunity to gain new experience I recommend to those who lost their jobs because of the crisis, especially the highly specialized professionals "First, evaluate your experience and try to understand what other areas you can find a use experience and knowledge. Second, consider the full range of proposals, not to abandon the interviews are not very well-known companies. Carefully collect information on all employers, especially how it is potentially stable companies. And the third – to temper their expectations on wages.

" Use all the resources in the whole job search process in times of crisis is always the same: "polished" resume, hone your interviewing skills, and strengthen all the links. The latter is particularly important. Rely on yourself, internet, friends, and recruiters. In companies there is always positions that are not displayed. "Suitable work often can be found by using their connections and word of mouth '- say experts.

Post your resume on some free boards on the internet, advertise in newspapers and on local radio, just surf the net in search of jobs, and have fun at the same time drawing horoscopes, straining their friends, etc. The main thing – do not despair, and all is well! And the reason for dismissal even Do not be fooled, because your skills and professionalism remain with you. If you cut out of the crisis, we feel ashamed and hide there's nothing, do not cut you like a specialist, your job, not just yours. The only thing I would not advise to speak during the interview – this is incorrect behavior of a former employer during the reduction, which happens quite often. It is better to avoid a negative. If you wish to insure, then Follow my advice and stock up on the recommendations of former employers and partners. If you only have to decline, then a must "hack" legally, to be clear about the procedure and monitor compliance with employer obligations. In addition, the contact personnel of the company, its employees may recommend you to partner organizations and recruiting firms, which they cooperate.

Modern Element Company

The value of corporate gifts Corporate gifts, directly or indirectly improve the microclimate of the team, and this leads to such positive effects, such as:-forming the subordinate sense of loyalty and trust company-emergence of a synergistic effect when the employee, not even having a high potential, yet is a great advantage at the expense of psychological comfort and well-coordinated work in a team; -Emergence of corporate traditions, improving the image-management company, to form a positive attitude among the staff;-forming effective relationships management – subordinate. Today we can say that the concept of corporate gifts is a legitimate part of corporate culture. The choice of corporate gifts for the female half of the team is no secret that the team is made up of men and women. Each of these groups has characteristics and preferences. Corporate gift for women – is, above all, attention from management and the whole company. Originality corporate gift, timeliness, and refinement will help the fact that women in the group will feel psychologically comfortable and get positive communicative charge.

Women prefer gift, filled with deep meaning, carrying a message. Corporate gift can and must conform to these features. Our company as a corporate gift for women suggests using a variety of teas and organic coffee beans, plus original dishes for making tea and coffee. Each variety of tea has its own characteristics, so each employee can offer exactly the brand of tea, which is close to the temperament of the employee. All this can be arranged in the form of small congratulatory text.

This corporate gift will emphasize individuality and is a good sign of attention. Choose varieties of tea for a corporate gift, please click here. The choice of corporate gifts for men half of the team esprit de corps men close and familiar. Many of them have an army, are the hunters, playing football and other group games. For men, a corporate gift – this is an important part of their production life. When choosing a corporate gift for the male half of it should be noted that most of the men rational and preferable for them to be useful gifts, but on the other hand, men are not deprived and vanity. Therefore, we propose as a corporate gift for men to use the tea and coffee, who preferred well-known personalities (such as Chinese emperors or famous writers) that will emphasize their importance for the company and on the other hand, the use of such teas and coffees, which are the most toned body, it underscores the rationality of the gift and will contribute to good health of the male employees. In conclusion I would like to stress once again that corporate gifts – not just gifts. This is a factor contributing to corporate culture, and, therefore, a factor contributing to the development and prosperity of the company.

Happy Workers

Today I had many thoughts about why people can retire from the company. (There have been a reason. Then I will not affect wages or personal primhi, that is, talking about the dismissal and not going) Here's the first thing affect the decision of the worker: 1. The negative attitude of the leadership to podchinennym.Rukovoditel should always be the leader of the team. But in order to manage a herd of sheep, he must become a sheep, the wolf as the sheep did not go. Head always need to see everything and everyone. To do this he needs all he trusted him.

All this feels every employee of the company. If the ratio is poor, most likely employee leaves. 2. Pofigizma from management. No desire to understand needs sotrudnikov.U each has its own requirements for the workplace, and tools for the job.

No need to meet all the requirements, it is not realistic. You just need to put subordinates understand that leadership is trying to meet all the requirements but for all the missing features. 3. Not understanding or vision problems that exist in ofise.Elementarnye problems, such as a kitchen or bathroom. If cleaning is not done, if something is not in general, the employee receives as a disadvantage and it is perceived on a subconscious level, it sits very deep. Several of these problems and people will leave. 4. No certainty of movement. A person should always see light at the end of the tunnel. For example Google and Microsoft gave the shares to its employees and were put to market are safe, winning its entirety.