Hello, I noticed that you’re creating definitions Ashtray (object) or Tailpiece. While we appreciate your help, I must tell you that Wikpedia is intended as a free and your definitions do not contain enough data “encyclopedic”. However, in wiktionary: es: will be happy to use your definitions. You can also create or other items, more encyclopedic here on wikipedia. Regards, – jynus (Talk) 10:09 29 jun 2006 (EST) One last thing: if you ever want to delete something you’ve written, put the ((delete)) in the article. Bleaching an article is generally not well seen. A salute – jynus (Talk) 10:13 29 jun 2006 (CEST) Almost …! 🙂 I corrected your way to put the template.Take a look before they erased ariculos: Ashtray (object), Tailpiece – jynus (Talk) 10:35 29 jun 2006 (EST) Thank you for respect and restraint with which and talk More people as you need! (You’d be surprised the kind of “character”-by calling them in some way with which we have to deal every day. I hope you stay a little time here and if you still have any questions, you know where I’m Regards, — -jynus (Talk) 10:52 29 jun 2006 (EST) Thank you, Jynus, for the clarification and the short course Wiki. I hope I have caused trouble ) As soon I will be in the Wikicionario, and return another day to here with a couple of articles I am preparing (that if, in the right way) .– Gomelendez 11:58 29 jun 2006 (EST)

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