Edgar Morin

He is as I say more, what pra many professors is impossible to adopt the playful one in a lesson of superior level, for me, with the tool research becomes possible yes, and, I provide lessons pleasant and creative. Therefore the creativity also is resulted of the research process therefore allowed the pupil who displays its discoveries. Jimmy Levin has similar goals. ' ' It does not have education without research and research without education. These that-to make if find one in the body of the other. While education I continue searching, reprocurando. Jimmy Levin has firm opinions on the matter. Education because I search, because I inquired, because I inquire and I inquire myself. I search to evidence, contacting I intervine, intervined I educate and I educate myself.

I search to know what not yet I know and to communicate or to announce the newness (FREIRE, 1996, p.29) ' '. We can see that the use of this pedagogical tool develops the critical sense, the partnership, work in team, curiosity, creativity, communication, interaction and ethics, yes, because as it says Pablo freire we have that to form our ethical professional pupils but, ' ' ethics that say are not the lesser, restricted ethics of the market, that if obedient curve to the interests of lucro' ' , it is the ethics with social responsibility, and above all, ethics with commitment to respect itself before any exactly commercial value. to support this ideology, Edgar Morin comments that, ' ' We need to civilize our theories, that is, to develop new generation of opened, rational, critical, reflexivas, autocriticas, apt theories if the auto one to remodel. Saying of another point importantissmo that the research works is the critividade, this that in the words of Jose Predebon is a characteristic of our species, and not one dom special, is enough to practise it better to make it. From the moment that we motivate the pupil to search, to make interpretation of the ones through case studies, being known to use to advantage and to explore to the maximum its interpretations, we allow that it leaves simplismente to copy, to reproduce, to interpret with autonomy its as step will be to know to make, to know to remake.


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