Environmental Management

Words – words: structure of management systems, sanitation, drinking to water fountain.1 Administrator – Empowerment in Environmental Management2 Administrator – Empowerment in Environmental Management3 Administrator – Empowerment in Environmental Management4 Administrator – Empowerment in Environmental Management. The Management of Waters is an analytical and creative activity come back to the formularization of principles and lines of direction, to the document preparation normative people who orientates and, to the estruturao of managemental systems and the taking of decisions that have for final objective to promote the inventory, use, control and protection of the hdricos resources. The following elements are part of this activity whose definitions partially had been adapted of ABRH (1986): Politics of Waters: one is about the consistent set of doctrinal principles that conform the social and/or governmental aspirations with respect to the regulation or modification in the uses, has controlled and protection of waters. Plan (of Use, It has controlled or Protection of Waters): any prospectivo study that it searchs, in its essence, to adjust the use, the control and the degree of protection of the hdricos resources to the social aspirations and/or governmental express formal or informally in one Politics of Waters, through the coordination, compatibilizao, joint and/or projects of interventions. Obviously, activity to make such plans is called Planning (of the Use, Control or Protection of Waters). Management of Waters: Set of governmental, communitarian and private actions destined to regulate it the use, the control and the protection of waters, and to evaluate the conformity of the current situation comos doctrinal principles established by the Politics of Waters. The governmental actions are reflected through the effective laws, decrees, norms and regulations. As result of these actions is fixed what is called by Model of Management of Waters, understood as the administrative configuration adopted in the organization of the State to manage waters..


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