External Connector

In this case it is necessary to provide external users access to their resources and it takes all appropriate cal for each connection. In this case, calculate how much concrete will need client licenses in a given period of time is impossible in principle because we do not know how many customers will be simultaneously accessible to an online store, and buy just a set of client licenses to guarantee enough simply not profitable. In this case, and the need External Connector – a license for an unlimited connection to the server, that is, instead of a huge number of client licenses, you can purchase an External Connector. But here there is one thing: connect to External Connector can only external users are not employees company, in any form. Ie In our case, only clients can connect online store. Licensing on the processor. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Film Financer. Now we shall understand the licensing on the processor and let us consider the example of the most common server product that is licensed per processor – is sql Server.

As the most profitable licensed sql Server? Here the existing standard version: it is possible to license the server and buy him the necessary number of client licenses, but you can still buy a license per processor. Again we represent the physical server on which we are going to install sql Server and connect it to five users that we need for this, apart from Windows Server license and cal to him. Since it is on a Windows Server we will be installing sql, consider the licensing option of the sql Server. So, in a situation where we need to connect the five users, we gain a license for himself and sql Server correspondingly, five client access licenses to it sql Server cal. This scheme is beneficial when you want to connect a small number of users. Now suppose that we need to connect to sql Server 100 users, buying in this case license for the server and 100 client connections are not economically profitable, in this case would be advantageous to buy a license per processor, and then we would not need a license for sql Server itself and does not require CALs, as Processor license includes a license for the server and an unlimited number of client connections, both internal and external. That is itself licensed physical processor, the very piece of iron, regardless of number of processor cores. Under this scheme are licensed following server products: * Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 * Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 * Microsoft isa Server 2006 * Microsoft sql Server 2005/2008 * Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 With the exception of Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition This product requires a license per processor and a separate client licenses.


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