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Today, when many companies have successfully overcome the stage adaptation of the market, to the leadership of a very important question arises: what to do with the staff, how to find people able to work effectively, flexibly respond to new challenges and demands put forward non-standard ideas. Why the word "we – a team" should not become an empty slogan, but the principle of corporate life? Practice shows that teamwork is the most effective way of organizing work. And it is the development of team work skills can provide a powerful companies today additional impulse. Teamwork skills are acquired during special team building training. Scenario for each team-training-especially individual product. It is created for a specific company and a well-defined tasks. Team building includes a classroom devoted to theoretical the basics of team interaction, and practical exercises, during which, in fact, people are trained and work as a team. Themselves can be considered as training games for team building.

Assignments are designed so that for their implementation requires the participation of everyone. Only the passage of a common strategy assignments, team members can deal with it. Team to help instructors, psychologists. With the help of special psychological techniques they regulate the relationship between people, facilitate communication, help to correctly understand the problem and find the optimal solution of it. It is not uncommon when the team underestimated and has not fully available resources. There may be people who simply do not have enough spirit clearly and firmly express their thoughts, although good ideas come to their mind quite often.

People are more assertive, with a more pronounced leadership qualities, take the lead, beginning to impose its own solution group and automatically focuses attention on them: the group does not hear that someone thrown into the box more rational thought in this situation. When it corporate training, the instructors just keep track of those moments. Since the coach knows the principle of passing the task or solution of the problem, he may at some point to stop a group, ask her to listen to alternative view. Literally three words trainer switch the group's attention on the carrier effective idea. And, suddenly, to its bearer has to recall what he said. Incidentally, this is not always easy – to reconstruct own thought, if you're used to what you usually do not listen. Perhaps further discussion of the initiative once again take on the leader, but most importantly, the team learns to listen to everyone. In addition, each is aware that may be heard, which could bring his idea, and therefore he should not remain silent. Preparation and conduct of any in-depth training on team building is always composed of three parts: predtrening actually very training and posttrening. Predtreningovaya training is that we go to the customer, determine the purpose of the event, the problems to be addressed, talk with a group, sometimes with each member individually, and try to understand the roles in this team. After that, write a program that takes into account all the features of the firm. An important step is to analyze the work for corporate clients. Together with the leadership address the problems identified by psychologists in the work with the team, identifies ways to address them, prepare personal action plans for each participant performed validation on the basic parameters: motivation to develop the ability to accept change, adaptation to such function, competence in performing the functions. Such in-depth and long-term method of operation used to create new or complete restructuring of the organization, creating a new unit.

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