The steady growth strategy new employee as reinforcement for further growth last resulted in an increase in sales and revenue. Contrary to the negative coverage in the media, who see the euro and the German economy in the crisis, Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH proudly overlooks the past achievements and looking forward to new challenges. You need new staff! Stephanskirchen, September 2011 – for more than 20 years develops and produces the GLASTEC multifunctional glass products for the window, facade and partition wall construction. As a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture we offer highest quality and customised special solutions”, says the Managing Director Johannes Riediger. The medium-sized family-owned company would like to continue the positive trend and extend the past successes. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Asaro. We are at a point at which you must invest to the success of the company to secure sustainable and more competitive advantages to create “, so Riediger next. Staff and multifunctional products the 25-year wholesale and foreign trade businessman Benyamin Gadri, who most recently worked in the sale of a car dealership, to increase the awareness of the systems ISO-shadow and ISO-roll and push the sales. Time September 1, Thomas Muller in the training ratio was adopted.

The 22-year-old will be trained over the next three years as an office clerk and should be incorporated at an early stage in all departments. The field of marketing is supported by Maarit Adolph. The 2-time mother, who studied business administration in their Finnish homeland, will take care of press – and public relations and also take care of the website. We look forward to the fresh wind through the new college students and hope for a joint success and a sunny future! “Further news of the company of Glastec: news / information material request: info-material/about us: Glastec – glass system since 1990 develops and produces Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH successful glasses with system” and prevailed since Years successfully with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction. This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology.

The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services. With the development of a comprehensive range of high-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes Glastec carries the ever higher requirements of the law to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Glastec is successfully operating in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of Glastec for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! in the drywall with a special frame system, Sonic can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, and Privacy. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose. We take care of us.

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