Trend Following Signals

A novel service provides fully automated trend result calculations for the DAX for the first time private investors to trend following models available are trading strategies that follow the perennial ups and downs of the markets and try to profit directly from these movements. For years investors of hedge funds that achieve purely computer-controlled continuously high performances regardless of whether it is straight up or down with the courses are among the insider tips more successful. Direct access to such algorithms were but so far denied the small investors. With, launched a Web service that implements an such trend sequence algorithm for the DAX and the resulting signals was now in real time”sent an email to its customers. The paid service will be available from EUR 31, – monthly offers and promises high returns with a success probability of each trade by up to 87%. differs fundamentally from other forecasting services for the DAX as a result that the signals calculated, generates fully automated and delivered to the customer. Any emotional influence of an analyst is therefore ruled out.

To enable a fine parameterized system developed in years of legwork, that takes into account other factors in addition to the performance of the DAX even. The trade year 2009/2010 with his wild zig-zag behavior within a parent sideways was the ideal test candidate for The course of the DAX was 6000 points both early January and early September. Nevertheless, 20 23 trend data from within a year have proved correct. is aimed first and foremost at experienced investors and traders who want to improve the performance of their portfolio by using the supplied signals. So no direct purchase recommendations for certain trade papers can be found on the website. Signaling by by means of six types of signals: long start materializing short beginning of a downtrend SAVE long interruption of Upward trend, possible cancellation of the uptrend SAVE short interrupted a downtrend, possible cancellation of the downturn SELL long sales signal, profit realization in the uptrend SELL short sale signal, profit realization are detailed product information and the possibility to register in the downtrend on. Oliver Scharf

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