Highway shootings Track

Highway shootings Track and Tennis 11/29 The track has a length of 2.620 meters, which can withstand all types of passenger lines (eceptuando the new Airbus A380). Adam Roseman ARC China The airport operators are discussing the expansion of the runway to permit the landing of aircraft like the Boeing 747 on long-haul flights from Europe. Runway 11/29 is one of the most modern in the country, because this fitted Aterizaje ILS or Instrument System, for both directions of the entire track. Cibao International Airport and the Las Americas International Airport are the only airports equipped with this modern and innovative system throughout the country. Highway shootings (taxiways) The taxiways Cibao International Airport are made two outputs E-1 and E-2, Exit E-1 is located on the west side of runway 11/29, near the head 11 of the track.Output E-2 is located on the east side of the track, near the head 29 of the track. track lighting Flights The main airline operating in this airport is JetBlue Airways, which reaches more than 28 operations flights per week, followed closely by American Airlines, which currently operates about 23 flights a week along with its regional partner American Eagle. Cibao Airport is one of the airline’s hub and PAWA Dominicana Caribbean and also it was for the defunct airline Aeromar Lineas Aereas Dominican. Airport regular destinations are: New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, San Juan, Aguadilla, Panama City, Aruba, Curacao, Port Au Prince, Santiago de Cuba, Providenciales, Cap Haitien, Grand Turck. The non-scheduled are: St Maarten, Antigua, Por of Spain, Montego Bay, Toronto, Memphis, Detroit, St. Thomas, Birdgetown, Georgetown, Nassau, Varadero, Holguin.In its first year of operation (2002) the airport had five to six daily flights, in 2006 was 17 to 25 flights a day to America, the Caribbean and Central America. Currently there are no flights to Europe or Canada yet but hopefully in the not too distant future inclusion of these routes to Santiago. Air Europa and Iberia Runway extension expected to start flights to Spain. In 2005 the airport he received an Antonov AN-124 Volga-Dnepr on a flight from Spain to military activities on the border with Haiti. He remained in Santiago for two days before returning to Spain. In 2006, Air Europa, Dominican and foreign investors and the Dominican government gathered a total of 10 million dollars as seed money to form the new National Flag Line, Air Dominicana, a company which was established on April 2007 and is mandated to start operations this year. Its president is Juan Jose Hidalgo, current president of Globalia and Air Europe.Increase in passengers since its opening, the Cibao Airport has proyectedo to be one of the busiest in terms of passenger traffic across the country. It has now become the 3rd airport in movement throughout the country, only surpassed by the Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. The airport served more than 900 thousand passengers in 2007. Just as the movement of passengers has increased, has also increased the number of traffic operations and adding more frequencies and new routes. JetBlue Airways increased its operations to six flights per day (2009). JetBlue increased its operations in the Cibao Airport with two flights.

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