Investment Opportunity

The investment opportunity is called JBS (BVSP:JBSS3) 21 September 2009 to the beginning of the 90 Brazil imported meat from the Argentina. Today the story is completely different and in a short time Argentina will be importing Brazilian beef. How is that you came to this situation it? Brazil still partying. Its economy has recovered and in an exceptional manner with a historical record of 242.126 formal jobs employment generation. In so far this year, the economy of Brazil generated 680.034 formal jobs. This translates into an improvement for domestic consumption to improve not only the purchasing power of the population but also the perspectives. Investors are returning to the country to take advantage of opportunities and the companies are preparing for an international expansion strategy.

There are many Brazilian companies with ambitious international expansion projects. The strength and stability of the economy of Brazil represents a very good springboard to launch head to conquer of global markets. In this scenario, several food companies continue with its expansion to the trend of improvement in the purchasing power of the emerging world that will enable the population to change their consumption habits. Since the beginning of 2008 project came telling them both of Marfrig (BVSP:MRFG3) and JBS (BVSP:JBSS3), Brazilian companies of the meat sector who were conducting an attractive (and with very good prospects) of internationalization and which have continued despite the inconveniences caused by the impact of the international financial crisis. Marfrig has been consolidated as poultry processor to acquire a few days ago to its rival domestic Seara (one of the major exporters of chicken in Brazil), US $900 million. The ambitious of Marfrig policy is evident with the following data: the company has made 37 acquisitions in the past three years. In the case of JBS, the largest processor of beef from Brazil and also in the world (and also owner of six plants in Argentina, among them, those of Swift), agreed to merge with its rival and compatriot Bertin, the third meat group in your country, through an exchange of shares.

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