Marriage Arrangements

It learns to decorate its marriage with form flowers the one that this can translate the only style of both, fianc and fianc. It can be varied immense, consonant the style of the place where it is to think to carry through the wedding, consonant the schedule the one that the party will be gone to carry through above all and, consonant the amount of money or available budget. One of the most important item in any decoration for marriage party is the arrangements of flowers used not only in the decoration of the church in itself, as well as in the decoration for the table centers, where it will be gone to accomodate the people its guests. But as to decorate marriage with flowers? Also the towels that if use on the tables, the loias, the cups, the places setting or the napkins, will have to be presented of a spotless and absolutely perfect form, thus establishing a perfect harmony with the remaining decoration. Our first tip to decorate marriage goes for decoration that is made with the floral arrangements, that can or not, to be total different of the floral arrangements with that bouquet of used fianc in the day of its marriage will go to compose its. Orqudeas, roses, flowers of the field, irises or gerbras are only some of the appreciated flowers more in the generality of the fiancs.

The colors more used to make the marriage decoration, must translate which imperatively will go to be the style of the party. If the flowers will be white, then they will give a touch of pure sophistication, inigualvel; already the red flowers exhale pure sensuality and romantismo. Tones softer such as the lilacs, the rose one, the whites or yellows can result in a charmosa and very delicate decoration. This combination of made colors with flowers, will be able to result very well in a decoration of party of marriage made in a place to the outdoors. It stops beyond the flowers, can also decorate its marriage with resource to the candles.

The use of these floating decorative adereos all transforms an environment into a sensual and very romantic place. They could be placed as centers of table or side by side next to the floral arrangements, but it has caution, for not if to leave to fall in exageros. The use of fixed candles is very elegant, being therefore the type of recommended and adjusted candles more for this type of occasion. They could be used in the decoration of its party of marriage obtaining to transform the environment into more romantic a less illuminated place and therefore. It uses them whenever it is possible, tipped of arrangements of flowers. Relatively to the size for the floral arrangements, the options could be three: of high size, low average or so great size. However, the height measured or high for floral arrangements in marriages, is not recommended, given that it compromises the visualization between the diverse guests, making it difficult and confusing the dialogue between them.


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