Nightmare Migraine

Counteract the pain more and more and more younger people struggle regularly with headache or migraine. However, patients can defend themselves against the tease in the head. The news portal spoke with Dr. Jan Brand, chief physician of the migraine and headache clinic Konigstein, about treatment options. According to the latest of science, the causes of migraine disease, 80 percent are genetic. Trigger for the outbreak of the disease sees Dr. Brand in today’s lifestyle.

Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and media overstimulation meant that the disease breaks out more often and earlier. According to the specialist, migraine sufferers are often under stress and are very performance-oriented. Therefore, prone and very dedicated people are particularly vulnerable to perfectionism. This should make early on for their health, to counteract the disease. If the migraine once breaks out, it is not curable. Patients have the pain but are not helpless, but actively proceed against them.

Ill, which only rarely are suffering a migraine attack, can treat often effectively himself with painkillers. The pains occur but more often or regularly, a self medication due to increased risk of addiction is not useful. Sufferers should consult a specialist in this case. The Chief doctor of the migraine and headache clinic while always holistic treated the patient. All possibilities of naturopathy and traditional medicine are used to help those affected. In the foreground, would however that patients take time for yourself and learn to listen to their needs. More information: ../den-plagegeist-im-kopf-ausschalten /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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