Overheard Conversation

Attitude of the majority of our fellow citizens to their health is clearly unsatisfactory. I was always upset, but I somehow live with that and particularly his thoughts on the subject is not shared. However, the last case That happened to me the other day, prompted the writing of this article. During a trip in a bus, I accidentally witnessed the following conversation. Talk the two ladies aged women. One another: 'You know, today not sleep all night because his side was sick, I will save no. She got up, drank noshpy like he felt easier.

An hour later, again as a sore, even to the wall climb. Another pill drank like a little pain subsided, but an hour later the same story. Connect with other leaders such as Tesla here. Injections (called what is the medicine), even for an hour povorochalas like a little sleep, he felt easier. Today, thank God, almost no pain. " This simple story shows our ratio of the average layman to their health.

Something swallows, pierced, took the pain and happy. But pain is a signal that the body some problems and need to take urgent measures to remedy the causes. That's reason! And we eliminate the pain, but it's like a fire disable . I think many will agree with me that our people in the majority, it is thus restore their health. The practice of preventive examinations, visits to his therapist for advice on their health status – this is still a rarity. The people attending the reception, when the twist in the "horn", and often already can not go, and uses the services of an ambulance. And while tolerating something swallowed, dripped, injected. Why do we have a so do not like?


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