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Short guide for budding entrepreneurs from the practice. E-shop – it is nothing more than a showcase for real business. For a real business, selling any goods or services. Make money without a real infrastructure will not work. Charles Lowe Insurance Agency: the source for more info. First you need to find at least 100,000 rubles. 1.

Share capital and costs jur. face capital – a laptop or pc to 20000 rubles. You can even make as capital smartphone, but its real value should be at least 10 thousand rubles. Costs jur. person – the stamp duty + lawyer + lawyers + print = 8500 rubles. for Moscow or St.

Petersburg. Need to open a company with one shareholder. Location address may attain to the level at the gene. director, ie, you. When registering, you choose the correct form of taxation! If you intend to sell tangible goods or services only to nat. individuals, the best thing – 'simplified taxation 6%' But! Remember that Your trade margin must not be less than 10% otherwise you will be burned up in the first month. Better if the margin is not less than 25%. If you intend to sell tangible goods to nat. and jur. persons, including Software License – is uniquely selected 'common system of taxation from VAT'. Services can best be a 'simplified taxation 6%' for any type of consumer. The whole process takes one week. 2. Bank account where the key point – Convenience Internet Client-Bank, so as not to run with card payments and the rate and timing of payments. Very (well, just so) recommend UralSib pot.


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