Piguillem Andrew was

Piguillem Andrew was invited to participate as speaker in the Course of Aerobic Gymnastics School, in charge of Prof. Rodolfo Calderon Gerardo Baz n. The central theme of the module delivered by Prof. Piguillem, was based on the following concept: “The physical education should be targeted not only the sport. Physical education should include all children, with their skills and gifts to incorporate it as a healthy habit as adults. Music is the most powerful tool of inclusion that we have in the yard to pass on the love for the school gym. ” Moreover, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Federation in Brazil, the organization celebrated the anniversary with an International Gala Dinner where the delegates of all countries in Latin America, on Saturday 11 January at the Hotel Bella Italia the City of Foz de Iguazu, Brazil. The night began with a touching tribute to recently deceased President of the International Physical Education Federation, Jose Manuel Gomez Tubino. He was treated with a Special Recognition Merit, delivering medal and diploma, for those international delegates who stood out in the course of 2008 in the promotion and dissemination of Physical Education. St. Louis has been the province of Argentina in which were organized as much training and development of Physical Education area. A brief summary detailing the steps taken in our Province in 2008 March: Presentation of the FIEP, Prof. Jorge D az Ota ez May: Physical Education Pedagogy School: Prof. Jorge D az Ota ez June: The Learning Game, Prof.Matthew Rozz July: Aerobic Gymnastics School, Prof. Gerardo Calder n August: Games and Toys with disposable material, Prof. Silvana Ceballos October: A different view of Recreation, Prof. Edgar Stephenson The organization also welcomed the news of the launch of television in the month of November, aimed at the Fitness and Healthy Habits: END POINT TV, directed by Prof. Piguillem. FIEP Vice-President for Latin America, said Prof. Jorge D az Ota ez encouraging initiative in this way, all delegations in Latin America. FIEP The Delegation of the Province of San Luis acknowledge and thank especially those who could make all this possible throughout 2008: Ministry of Education – Higher Education Program and professional development. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports – Sports Program Supervielle Bank, Hotel Vista, Diario de la Republica, Supermarkets Aiello, SAN LUIS SAT. We invite all colleagues to participate in the “Mecca” of Physical Education in 2010. For more information, visit: www.congressofiep.com

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