Recruiting Agency Jobs

Whom to entrust the selection of personnel? How to choose a recruitment agency? By what criteria to estimate it, so as not to be mistaken? Here are the concerns of employers. Agency of the Association of the regional employment agency ARKA, regularly conduct surveys of their potential customers – the employers in order to determine what criteria are most important to managers when selecting a recruitment agency? Here we have from the very beginning we have in mind only those recruiting agencies (hereinafter – CA), who take the obligations and, therefore, receive a fee only to employers. These agencies are called himself, as a rule, recruiting or recruitment agencies. Agencies that lived at the expense of job seekers and employers to declare a "free choice of personnel" in this review, we do not consider as "free services" in the business can not be determined. As The survey showed, to varying degrees are important for consumers were 24 criteria: the criterion for assessing post mentions a% Record of service in the market 92 2 The degree of fame / reputation Recommendations 90 3 87 4 Number of peers and the level of previously closed vacancies (the "client list") 79 5 Smart presentation, a personal impression 68 6 quality, attendance and frequency of updates on the Internet 65 7 guarantees to meet deadlines for selecting candidates (optimally 2-4 weeks) 58 8 55 9 Reliability guarantees Clear algorithm (technology) search, selection and presentation of candidates 52 10 51 11 Fees Flexible payment 46 12 Experience the closing of similar vacancies in recent years 43 13 Systematic and quality of advertising in the media 41 14 Membership Professional Associations 36 15 Demonstration of a good knowledge of the market wage / personnel 34 16 The availability and quality of publications in the media 32 17 Possession of methods of "target search" 27 18 The volume of database professionals 25 19 The presence of affiliates / partners in elsewhere 24 20 Modern office, friendly negotiation and interviewing candidates 19 21 Privacy policy cooperation 17 22 Ready for Customer Specific Solutions 16 23 Adequate office equipment (fax, e-mail, computers), the presence of at least 3 phone lines, 13 24 The proposal related services (training, salary survey, outsourcing, etc.) 10 now comment on the choice of customers: how a particular factor is important, worthy of trust, what are the nuances and tricks, how to "measure" these factors.


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