These methods are free and are very simple. Master of any person, knowing the bad Internet is not familiar with the programming and the language of HTML (although some of the basics of HTML is desirable to know). All that you need – to have a purpose and a desire to achieve this goal. And also listen to my advice. I will not give useless advice. I will not publish translated articles of Western specialists, who are useless for practical application in RuNet. I will only speak about the powerful, proven tools I promotion of your site in RuNet. I'm at promotion of the site used the following tools Runet: 1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from amwell.

Registration own second-level domain, preferably in the area. Add to your understanding with mayo clinic. ru. 2. Opening of mailing (or several mailing lists) for large and small services, free mailing lists. 3. Indexing of your site by search engines: Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Google. 4.

Participation and correct description of your site in directories / ratings: Rambler's Top100,, 5. Your personality. I listed the promotion of these tools are not in order of importance (each of them, and together they are very important in some variants even closely complement each other), and in the beginning of the sequence of application. That is, first you register second-level domain, create a website of 5-10 pages, then open the mailing list. Fill site interesting information. Sending your site for indexing in search engines. Register it in these directories / ratings (registration site in the directory same as sending it to the search index system Aport). And then start thinking about their identity. And then start thinking about their identity. I'm not saying that this way of site promotion is the surest. Not at all. But now I see this way best for the beginner, to a man who still do not have a website, but who wants to have and unwind. Perhaps with time I add to the list and other tools. Some tools promotion of the site (not listed here) and now exist, but are not important; of others I have not yet guessed, but always know – so watch out for publication!

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