Season 1977

Between the 1976-77 seasons and Robin Herd Wayne Eckersley designed a 6-wheel model. The March 2-4-0 that unlike Tyrrell P34 had 4 rear wheels drive the same size as the front, in theory to increase traction and reduce drag.
Draft unused 2-4-0 on March 6 wheels.
In the preseason of 1977 was tested by Howden Ganley and Ian Scheckter but finally opted for a conventional 4-wheel based on the 761. 2-4-0 by paradoxical March was very productive economically as it gave a license to market the Scalextric slot version and soon became one of the most popular models. Models 761B and 771 were no more than the 761 model with some modifications of the fact that 761B was sold to Frank Williams still maintains the old orange paint from 761 Brambilla. The only advantage was that it retained its low price and therefore it was acquired by several private: Williams in his new project after the break with Walter Wolf, Merzario in its attempt to create a team itself, Ralph McDonald starting your computer RAM, or Brett Lunges Brian Henton. They were set up semi with the support of its sponsors, Alex Ribeiro (Hollywood) and Ian Scheckter (Rothmans). As the sports season was disastrous, it broke the record of NQ (no rating on the grill), leaving out of the race up to 10 times the “official” and 35 in total. Do not ever go into the points to be the 7th st Patrick N ve (Williams) in Italy the best result. At the end of the season, Mosley, focused on the business of the FOCA, leaves the company, and Herd left alone in front decides to sell the remains of the F1 team at ATS Gunther Schmid and it works with John Gentry in the design ATS-Cosworth HS1.
Nor was it a good season in F2, the rule of the Martini-Renault Mk22 of Didier Pironi and Rene Arnoux Renault-Elf team was joined by the emerging Ralt RT1-BMW’s Project Four Racing Ropn Dennis. The March-BMW 772P Bruno Giacomelli only got the 4th place tie with the ninth Chevron B40 of Riccardo Patrese. Three victories Giacomelli and Jochen Mass were two of the best of the year. In F3 gets Vandervell F3 Championship, but in the BP Super Visco F3 Stephen South lags behind the Chevron Derek Daly, the better it gets Piercarlo Ghinzani that after three attempts to March, was proclaimed winner of the European F3 championship. In Shellsport Series also achieved runner-Guy Edwards with his March 751-Cosworth behind the Surtees TS19-Cosworth Tony Trimmer, pointing 3 wins, 2 poles and 3 fastest laps. Val Musetti a March F2 scores a win, 2 poles and two fastest laps, being ranked third in the tournament.
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