Skoda System

Repair of electronic components (ABS) (BOSCH) (ATE) c follow quality assurance. Car Audi Bmw Opel Saab Volksvagen Volvo Ford Peugeot Skoda with a warranty from 3 to 6 months in the presence of exchange fund has been reconditioned abs Audi (A-4) (A-6) (A-8) Bmw 5ser – (E-39) 7ser – (E-38) X5 – (E-53) Opel (Omega) (Vektra) (Astra) Saab (9-5) (9-3) (900) Volksvagen (Golf) (Polo) (Passat B5) Volvo (850) (S40) (S60) (S80) Ford (Mondeo2) (Mondeo3) Peugeot (307) (406) (607) Skoda (Super B) (OCTAVIA) Repairs shall be made within 1-3 days depending on the load and complexity of the repair. For your convenience, the availability of a wide range of control units already repaired – (exchange fund) for cars first sign of a failure within the abs – abs lamp burns more than 6 seconds after power or lights up when driving and not turn off. For all systems, this means – the system has fixed some bugs in the their work and disable the abs. You are not left without brakes – they continue to work normally. But here we must be very careful – it is quite possible that tanned abs lamp indicates a fault in the brake system. You should immediately make a diagnosis system for identifying the causes of failure. In addition to reading errors and eliminate the causes of their appearance, is also necessary to erase them from memory block, otherwise the lamp will continue to burn


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