Slim Cigarettes

However, people who smoke ‘light’ cigarettes to behave with precision so vice versa, since otherwise Naqoura. To protect their light of this danger to humidify the smoke by passing it through a liquid (as in the flask hookah, for example). The potential harm keeps well, and co (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide). This oxide is harmful in that glues erythrocytes blood, which leads to blood clots and thrombosis, and bone marrow (producer of red blood cells) and kidney. It can also lead to the formation of a large blood clot, and as a consequence of a stroke in smokers. When self-combustion of wood with virtually no stands, so it is completely burned to the pure carbon (ash) to form a gas CO2.

A slight excess of CO2, and the lack of O2 in the breathing mixture, by contrast, has a therapeutic effect. When you forsiruete burning cigarettes a deep puff, the carbon is not completely oxidized, and co is released in large quantities. Therefore, even if smoking a cigarette without tobacco leaf, there is a danger to transform their lungs are eliminating in some trash, which can develop cancer. Slim Cigarettes (Super slim). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Allan Schweitzer Beach Point and gain more knowledge.. In our days in any city at any time you can meet a woman with a thin cigarette (super slim) in a small graceful handle. It is believed that these cigarettes are more aesthetic, emphasized finesse. But understanding the beauty of each raznoe.Mne seems that the image of a hookah is much better harmony with the female nature.


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