Canadian Pension

Before a variation drastic exchange rate or a devaluation of the currency (current thing in our lands), the Fund is reduced. Life expectancy is increasing, which affects certain pension funds. What is that? One is the whose background this determined by your contributions and their earnings. This is divided into parts that you will be paid as a pension for retirement. But and that this has to do with life expectancy? Say that your pension fund divides it into equal parts to your last salary (the minimum required to maintain your lifestyle) and reach you for Live 8 years but you live 12 years more! Are you going to do the other 4 remaining years? Are you going to look for work to live? We could be tempted to think that it is not so serious that the only pension is 60% of our usual salary since we will not have more children to keep.

See tell that to a retiree in 70 years has not finished paying your mortgage! Maybe you don’t have children, but will need medical care before you not needed and the worst thing is that every time with more frequency and we all know (or maybe not, might be reason for another article!) that medical services are on the way of becoming luxury goods. The repercussions of the current problem of pension systems are many, but what more it hurts to see today are high taxes to pay pensioners that are already saliento, and the high rate of the elderly who are forced to return to work in order to live. So seen, not surprising therefore that Wal-Mart has been elected in January this year as one of the best employers in Canada, if it is one of very few companies that hired the elderly (do not dire the why this but is almost clear, no?). But with a few simple steps could you revert the problem and seek a better future. The great task here: 1. Save 10% of your monthly salary in a savings account dedicated especially for retirement. The account must be separate and different from the regime of pensions that contribution currently. 2.

Do not leave to eat as often to the street and save those $6.00 for the daily menu in the account referred to in point 1. It won little more than $1,500 a year and step not undermines the stomach with so much junk food. Are 3. you not a power saver? Not torture, use technology to do this. Coordinate with your bank to make a transfer automatic from your salary to your investment account account. Phew, that difficult! Walter Hernandez Aguado publishes your ezine with tips and information on immigration to Canada, integration into Canadian society and the achievement of a new successful life.