Motorbike alarms are electronic devices whose objective is to prevent the theft of our motorcycle, and pose an additional security measure to the padlock or systems anchor, which should complement and not replace. Motorbike alarms are similar to the car, but are not supported, cannot be used interchangeably since motorbikes and cars have different characteristics, not only in terms of the vehicle itself but also the methods used by the thieves are different in both cases. Operation basically all alarms for bike work equally. A processing plant monitors the status of the sensors, and if verified the conditions of activation order run the previously programmed actions. Sensors sensors that include bike alarms can be of various types: shock sensor: detect any blow that receive the bike. Proximity sensors: using a scanner perimeter watch the moto environment.

Motion and tilt sensors: employ mercury detectors to protect the bike against thieves with a crane. Power sensors: detect if the battery is disconnected. Actions actions that can be executed for motorbike alarms are very varied. Flashing and siren activation: activate the flashing and a siren of relief. Activation of speaker: emit warning voices so that the person who lurks around the bike away. Mechanism of engine starting interlock to immobilize the bike. Call to the remote control.

Message to the mobile phone. Location via GPS. Activation in silent mode. Anti-carjacking mode: the thief will take the bike, but a few meters later will stop the motor. Anti-panic mode, which allows you to trigger the alarm with the remote control. AutoConnect for case of oblivion. Reconnection after a false alarm. Alarm types look at the main types of alarms for bike. Basic alarm: you have siren and motor blockade, is activated and deactivated via the remote control. 2 Way FM alarm: two-way communication, alarm receives commands from the remote control and the controller receives data from the alarm that allow to know the status of the bike. Alarm 2-way GSM: two-way communication, the owner receives SMS in the mobile and can control the alarm via telephone. Alarm with GPS locator: alarm communicates the GPS coordinates of the bike by sending SMS to your mobile phone. Effectiveness A times doubted the effectiveness of motorcycle alarms, arguing that bands who are dedicated to motorcycle theft does not indicate any obstacle that the bike has alarm and that false alarms are so common in cities than anyone else ignores them. Although not a foolproof system, installation of an alarm is a good investment, since many more difficulties have thieves, more likely it is that failing in his attempt of theft, seeking an easier goal or recover a stolen bike.