Possibility Route

And in this case is not that important age or sex, much more important to the notorious psychological compatibility. If you are the organizer of the march, we must at least once to collect all of the future group and discuss with all stakeholders possible route, objectives and responsibilities of each party. Number of group members you define yourself (if you are the organizer), but it should be noted that the optimum is 4-8. In a question-answer forum Carl Icahn was the first to reply. This amount does not disturb each participant group gear (pots, axes, etc.) and, at the e time to keep the mobility group. Setting goals of the campaign and route selection A clear statement of objectives in preparation for a campaign helps to plan your trip and take into account the possibility of extraordinary situations (worsening weather conditions, possible disease of any of the members of the group etc.). Setting goals is based on data on proposed route. If the route requires constant physical activity, then the preparation should take into account the physical details of all future members travel.

If the experience of participating in the campaigns there, and no skills to work with maps and compass, it is advisable to choose a well-marked (with the presence of tourist signs) routes. But it should be noted that even a well-marked trails are of varying degrees of complexity, so choose the route depending on the physical capabilities of the group. And one should always remember that the speed of the group is determined speed of the weakest members. Therefore, if a group of newcomers will try not to plan to go a day more than 15 km, if the duration of a hike up to 4 days and not more than 10 miles for trips lasting 4 days.