Universal Messianism

The text announces a hostility between the woman and the serpent. The devil is placed in opposition to the man and its descent, and the text intui the future victory of the man. In this text we have a first vision and sample of the divine Salvation, is the Proto-evangelho call. In the Proto-evangelho a Universal Messianism exists, the humanity all is not become fullfilled without the overcoming of the current period of training. Messianism that appears in the text, always was interpreted by the Church since the origin, of individual sense and if it identifies ' ' smen' ' descent of the woman with the person of the Messias. The Proto-evangelho already implicitly says of the redentor Jesus Christ. So Paulo in the letter to the Romans if relates clearly to the Proto-evangelho. ' ' Therefore the God of the Peace will not delay in jamming the Satan of yours underneath ps' ' (Rm 16,20).

The promise of God the Abrao and its descent, that appears in Gn 12,1-3, shows a descent with national, but also universal substratum, and still a messianic character. Iahweh said the Abrao: ' ' It leaves your land, your kindred and the house of your father, for the land that I will show to you. I will make of you a great people, in you I will bless I will engrandecerei your name; either a blessing. I will bless the ones to bless that you, will curse the ones to curse that you. For you all will be benditos the clans of terra' '.

Abrao is blessed, and in consequence of this blessing all the peoples. It could to say that Abrao would be the Messias, before, however the great patriarch would have to become a great nation. As consequence of this the descent of Abrao is an instrument of Universal blessing. The tradition catholic always saw in this descent ' ' smen' ' of Abrao, instrument of universal blessing, the person of the Messias.