Detective Chief Inspector

Helga Schittek determined in the summer of 1982 in the district trier-Saarburg, and gives the reader on the private lives of the fictional characters. In their latest case the root evil power in the high forest leads the author their readers back into the friendly municipality in the trier-Saarburg district. To write the year of 1982. Happy mood remove Heiner Riemenschneider and his son-in-law, Detective Chief Inspector a. D.

in spe the remnants of a destroyed Apple tree by belt cutter property, as they see the foothills of the root work a skeletonised body of woman discover. Among the dead is a jewellery, in which the name Celine is engraved. Celine stood as a nanny in the service of internal medicine Dr. Martin Rupp, the previous owner of belt cutter House. It is sixteen years.

Soon there is to complain about another victim. Book data: The root evil power in the high forest: ISBN 978-3-9391-20055-2 Publisher: books on demand – author: Helga Schittek. Other books of the author: the case of Karin Riemenschneider: ISBN 978-3-86850-112-4, Publisher: tredition. Her first case is a multi-faceted whodunit, which takes the reader in the high forest backdrop at Kell at the Lake and in the year 1981. Where Detective Chief Inspector solves a. D. Heiner Rahm the mysterious death of his own wife, the ten years before a kidnapping victim, and since that day disappeared and whose ID is the name of her dead twin sister. A case more that demanded of him as professional experience. Helga Schittek, who was born in melting Limbach in the Saar, now lives in the District of Ahweiler. Christine Erdic Christine Erdic company information: Christine Erdic is a freelance journalist and also writer. The German writer living in Germany and in Turkey. Professionally she teaches in Turkey of German for students (tutoring), she are language training at the University and makes translations for Turkish newspapers.