Quality & Productivity

Not knowing the nature is the cause of human misery. Others including Nicholas Carr, offer their opinions as well. Epicurus can not ignore what is currently facing in environmental pollution in the countries of the planet, the neglect that many governments have made in favor of preserving the non-environmental pollution in all matters concerning water, air, soil and everything have life. Just as what others have to say that Venezuela has been under a scheme of development without environmental awareness that goes back to the 50s, where both the politicians who have ruled the country as national and international private sectors think only of the business short-term and devastating to our ecosystems are generating tropical poverty and destruction for future generations and the extinction of living beings who have lived in balance without human intervention, putting at risk even species can be a source of biomedicine for many diseases that currently suffers Humanity.

In response, the graduate program in the specialty of quality management and productivity of graduate Area Faces of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, in their research has led to everything concerning the role of enterprises and their commitment to environmental pollution, especially in all matters concerning production processes and the proper use of products manufactured. Consider the program, which is a great social responsibility in this, to take seriously what it means for the company in its operation to contribute in no pollution or to have a good cultural environment within its organizational culture, to allow all those who work in the company are fully identified its role and commitment in all matters concerning environmental protection.