Highly Effective People

Its unique necessity is to please to the others, and to be put under desires of other people. To cultivate the Primary Greatness little, has a danger: the day that the fashion or the interests of the others changes, our condition no longer will be appreciated, and we will hurry to the emptiness, because we were never conscious that we walked by the air. It is sad result of that they bet solely by the pleasure and the social recognition, the economic power and the success. It affirms Covey, that many people with Secondary Greatness, that is to say social recognition of their talents, lack Primary Greatness or kindness in their character. Perhaps most complicated of all this, it is that all we thought that we are those that we enjoyed a Primary Greatness, and thus he becomes very difficult to change attitudes. Of the Secondary Greatness short term results can solely be hoped, but the long term success, can solely be obtained, developing kindness, integrity, or the force in the character.

The opposite is to try to construct a house beginning by the tile roof. Eloquence than we are, it is let see through which tenth to be, and for almost any person, it is very easy to distinguish what there is behind the strong noise of a cart rolling, and that one is fulfilled of: " what beams shout so hard that I cannot listen what dices". Read additional details here: Lord Peter Hennessy. We outside locate the keys of the success and of happiness, and also we located outside us the keys of our infelicidad or dissatisfaction, that is to say we remained lacking of any personal responsibility as far as our well-being, and is here where they prosper many problems that give so bad short whiles us, since all we seem to be convinced that all our problems are there outside, and from that moment we make depend our well-being on the fact that it changes our surroundings. On the contrary a person who takes responsibility of her balance and personal integrity, hardly will fall in the trap to blame to the surroundings of her evils. Covey in its book says: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that to solve to some situations or important problems, sometimes is not sufficient to act envelope they, some times he becomes indispensable to review the crystal with which we observed our same life and to change. Or what is the same, to try to fill the cart, not to feel the necessity to be making noise. Official site: Dennis P. Lockhart. Original author and source of the article