Memory Day

Before that one challenge impossible to fulfill, this inexpert and dreamy child was devising ways to avoid the twig of the overseer. For example, I learned as letters could throw in a mailbox and as it had to give in hand they pillaged without me in the lie. Also I learned to falsify the small invoices of the tobacconist where it bought seals of post office, so that at the end of the week it secured duros more to leave with my " coleguitas" the aim of week. Also it gathered (and this was very ingenious) tickets of meter of the ground that had the date of the day and the originating station related to my supposed trips impossible to fulfill presented/displayed and them like vouchers of to have gone to all in charge messages every day. Memory that a day, the president of the company, that also had an important position in an oil company located at that time in the Abascal Street of Madrid, commanded to its son to the office so that it accompanied days to me in my daily task and that way " aprendiera" what is the work, since that one boy who or must have 17 or 18 years was a vague and indolent boy, allowed papa son that will did not have nor he was worth for absolutely anything. What tortures for both! That one morning, he suffered very many because it had " galopar" along and to wide it of the city accompanying me in the messages, that included not only the distribution of envelopes, but also managements in the banks, collection, etc. and I I also suffered because when being watched close by over the son of the president, I could not make any trap, neither to throw to the mail no letter of which it had to give in hand, nor to gather of the ground no ticket of meter that justified the trips nonfulfilled. But, luckyly so hard it was the work, that single morning was enough to the papa baby to return more never. Investment Partners-2011.