Egyptian Philosophy

Empedocles (490-430 A. C) Greek philosopher who proposed an early version of the nature of matter. They say it was an excellent politician, not if the way of the majority, which fool the same people that operate continuously. He was a poet, physician and mystic. The last thing a considerable impact on their lives. Get all the facts and insights with Home Depot, another great source of information. Empedocles is known for proposing that all four substances derived from root or basic principles "fire, air, water and earth" these may be joined or separate the effect of forces, attraction and repulsion. (Love and hate) this proposition of the fourth empedoclita, the elaborate considering that the whole form all of the parties and the parties are all completely. For Empedocles was useless from a single element, and more appropriate to reconcile the old theories.

Then from a single element as did the founders of the materialist philosophy, led him to conceive of a part of the whole as the whole itself, which is why when designing your system, formed by joining the all the parties hereto. The fourth Empedoclita deserved further development by Aristotle, which exerted a profound influence for more than two thousand years. In particular investigations to Boyle, the legend, Empedocles ended his life by throwing himself into a cracter volcanic Mount Etna, possibly with the intention to demonstrate his divinity. In Empedocles philosophy of combining Egyptian and Zoroastrian conceptions . But unlike them their own lead to pessimism. Part of the primacy of the spiritual over the material, but not assimilate well to life as this is only the realization of the divine concept.