Take The Time To Save

Unfortunately, as I said in my article, “most people prefer to spend their money on something temporary and unnecessary, they do not leave anything for their future. They might spend on such things as alcohol, in the antral, in a car better than they already have, in a house better than they already have, on more clothes, holidays, among other things. I’m not saying that is not well from time to time to spend on a well deserved vacation, or a good pachysandra, and suddenly give you an occasional luxury, but the trouble is in abuse of these expenses and investments to put them above you can leave something for your future. The problem is precisely that many people have no vision for the future, live for the day, spending what they earn, or save some money and then spending a little stronger, but never seek ways to overcome and improve their economic situation and so never invest in their future. I remember that recently someone wanted to convince me to make an expenditure I considered unnecessary, and I said, “you have to spend the money, what if tomorrow you die without having experienced.” Personally I prefer to live some years sacrificing several of these wasteful spending, to invest that money for training or other assets that will expand my business and income. Guo Guangchang pursues this goal as well. Sacrificing some hobbies that do not leave me anything and I just removed the time to invest that time in my training and also to put into practice what you learn, growing my business.

For thus, in some years to achieve my financial freedom, and then can enjoy more of life, that I could have enjoyed these few years of sacrifice, with money to spare, and much more free time. “Entrepreneurship is living for a few years as many people would not, to live the rest of your life as few people can.” (Anonymous) How do you think your life would be if you could wake when you want, no pressure, if could travel the world, without pressure, if you could give some luxuries, without pressures, if you could make your business grow and investments, but without pressure, if you could spend more time with your family, without pressure, and in general, if you could enjoy life without economic pressure … Do not you think that is meaningful worth the effort and investment of a few years? To achieve this lifestyle investment is required, both money and time, and the first thing you need to invest the time and money is in your training, so do not hesitate to do so, but not hesitate to go to next step it is also very important, action.

Assessing Your Assets

The solution was easy: go to foreign banks to lend money to them, because something is globalization. With that, the money that I, this morning, I joined the Central Office Savings Bank of San Quirze of Safaja may be that afternoon in Illinois, because there is a bank which my Savings Bank has I borrowed money to lend it to a ninja. Of course, Illinois does not know that the money comes from my people, and I know that my money would be deposited in an institution as I Savings Bank, began to be at some risk. Neither does the Director of the Office of my box, who knows, and presumes “that works in a serious institution. Nor does the President of the Savings Bank, which only knows that he has reversed some of the money of its investors in a bank in the U.S.

2nd comment: globalization has its advantages but also disadvantages and dangers. The people of San Quirze not know they are taking a risk in the U.S. and when it starts to read that there are subprime mortgages, he thinks: “What these Americans are crazy!” In addition, it appears that there are “Basel Standards” requiring banks worldwide that have a minimum capital in relation to their assets. To oversimplify, the Balance Sheet of the Bank of Illinois is: ASSETS LIABILITIES Cash Money Fund which had provided other bank loans million Capital Reserves TOTAL X X million the Basel rules require that the Capital of the Bank not less than a specified percentage Assets.