English Premier League

Tending to attack defenders – Clichy and Sagna – also fit well into the picture. However, not always after a fine attack wards Arsene Wenger can implement moments, and then come to the fore the defense, with which Arsenal this season, a serious problem: it is enough to recall the League Cup final with Birmingham or the last match in the Premier League with West Bromwich. While Wenger rectify this situation persists, and he tries to focus on attacking actions, guided by the principle – ‘the best defense – is an attack. ” It is possible that their the role played by the fact that the backbone consists of the Arsenal players young. But this question is ambiguous, because of Arsene Wenger’s talent: during his time as almost all young people, who came to Arsenal, opened up and began to play. From Manchester United is somewhat different. Then Sir Alex spends quite a successful change of generations. In place of the veterans: Giggs, Scholes, Van der Sar – Ferguson draws a team of young players.

Among them, the brothers Rafael and Fabio, Javier Hernandez, Smalling, Nani, Valencia. Style of play, propangadiruemy Sir Alex this season, is fundamentally different from football Arsenal. Scot instills Manchester strict team play, which is built on defense and ends with the realization of a phenomenal moments in other people’s doors. The current composition of the team Ferguson least star in recent years. Realizing this, the coach does not require such an offensive game, which was, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In some games, especially with strong rivals, it is felt, although Sir Alex and tries to bring the efficiency of the command to 100%. Plays an important role and presence in such good players, destroyers, as Carrick, Fletcher and Scholes to help ‘cement the defense. ” For comparison: the players of this plan is not enough Wenger. Just as, on the other hand, the DOJ needs players – the builder such as Fabregas and Nasri. In general, By and large, and Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are actively working to create new original formidable team at Manchester United and Arsenal. But even this did not detract from the fun for the fans from watching games involving team of these great coaches.

Champions League

Barcelona Pep Guardiola professes a similar philosophy – and completely successful. Rafah Benitez, by contrast, are often condemned in Liverpool due to the fact that he is too fond of rotation, not wanting it was the discrepancy, and in fact seemed to support a little shop profound, though led to a lack of class in the first team as soon as Gerrard or Torres according to some other factors not had a chance to get out on the field. Probably a sample such as the rotation has no effect. Finally, why because the rotation has become so fundamental? Prior to that, just from expansion UEFA Champions League matches the number many times growing up, though nepriklonno leads to fatigue the players and the impossibility of their publication in the starting lineup in every meet. (The eye-catching example of all those after Aston House with its 14 players in the composition: for the next season, they concentrated all forces on the ketch, and took the prize, really, but the championship went down to the 11-th space). If a team wants to compete on several fronts, it must be ready to live according to 60 games because of season.

Most of the players, including the most prominent athletes, unable to walk on idientichno highest level is so infrequently. But the basic premise of all because worth considering the increased zeal and activity of the best football that set unreasonable demands before the players. And in providing case 'fatigue' – not quite the right word, it carries a tinge such as if the players Tipo not fully trained, not completely ready to play 90 minutes .. Craft does not in any way if they are not ready to play or not in shape, and that if they did not have a physiologically all the chances to provide 100% efficiency in any match.