Komandor Cabinets

KOMANDOR company – one of the largest manufacturers of wardrobes for individual orders. Consumers offer wardrobes designed for: wardrobe rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, working classrooms, office space. Now the Commander is the only organization in the market that provides the largest list of color options, types of coatings and raw material for wardrobes. Cabinets made to order, define a variety of colors and originality, giving comfort and uniqueness of the house. As the cabinet door trim is used mirror – VLLW be different – silver, bronze, etc., used glass – triplex, rattan, and plastic. All mirrors have a special film that makes them harmless.

For convenience, organization use the specialists buyer of high quality furniture. Sliding wardrobe fitted to the commander loft can be adjusted to any angle of inclination of the walls. It is possible to fill the area from floor to ceiling, to make a sliding wardrobe of any size. Wardrobes – the most common type of built-in furniture. These cabinets are practical, made to order, allowing for maximum use of valuable floor space as well as "fit" for furniture placement, and not vice versa. The customer itself creates style and mood of your home. One has only to order cabinet compartment.

Wardrobe – it's part of the interior design of the house. Familiar to all the wardrobe itself loses it – it cumbersome besides take up much space. An explicit plus wardrobes – it can be placed in a pleasing part of the apartment or office space, adjusted to any particular plan. The advantage of built-in furniture is that it can both connect to the wall, becoming almost invisible, but it suitable for minimalist interiors and decoration of the premises to be interesting. In addition, the closet can be a partition, and separated from each other certain parts of your home or office. The doors of the cabinet can be made of various materials. The mirror surface of the door wardrobe visually increase the floor area, warm shades give a calm, supportive environment, the cold – well fit into the interior of the cabinet. Built-in sliding wardrobe commander – the pleasure not only for rich people. Built-in furniture can afford and people with low wages, because there are closets economy class. These cabinets are standard, most often the preferred dimensions and shapes, and therefore much cheaper price by using Russian materials. The design is much easier, and manufacturing period wardrobe is much reduced. Important for the wealthy advantage is the exclusivity, and design options are limited only by imagination. Wardrobes this price range have a wide selection of the best materials and a variety of colors incarnations. Weighty plus an individual approach to design wardrobe. In his home people are an essential part of their existence, by virtue of this obligation and home furnishings to give comfort and convenience, and the furniture is here leading role. Wardrobe holds a much larger number of things than usual, makes the room more spacious, and interior decoration – exquisite.