Configuration and assembly, msi did not limit his model only configuration, and we should look for when buying what parameters have any particular instance. Under the guise of variables can serve as a hard disk capacity: 160, 250 and 320 gb, can be additionally installed Bluetooth-adapter (but the default is usually absent.) Too, under the guise of the battery can be installed 3 or 6-cell. The amount of ram in our If installed 2 gb (DDR2-667, the actual frequency of 640 MHz), but judging by the specifications, quantity and frequency of memory also is variable and can be installed up to 4 gb DDR2-800 or 667. In principle, 2 gb, of course, enough for a laptop, so more, this compact and used on the go, but presumably someone will want to add a second bar for two-channel memory access, which should further improve performance. Good memory is now inexpensive.

And, maybe, in commercial samples of 2 gb and will be recruited initially by two straps. Graphics core in the amd 780M chipset is not new to users of desktop platforms amd, in fact it is the same 780G, performance which is enough to decode HD-video, and games at low quality settings in not the most recent, or simply not demanding 3D-games. Choosing a laptop is very good, and perhaps it is by adapting the chipset for notebook platforms, recently came out so many laptops on the amd platform from different vendors. Laptop very pleasantly surprised by virtually every objective and subjective evaluation criteria. Actually, why the surprise? The author is in no case has any bias to one or another brand, but still when in all respects a nice notebook gets from the firm, long-established exactly as the manufacturer of laptops, whether it be hp, Acer, Toshiba and so on, it's taken for granted. Possible and developers of msi can also be when they want, in any case, an example of this notebook, we have visual confirmation. Must only to notice that belongs to a series of Wind should not be misleading, but rather a full-fledged subnotebook, which may well be considered under the guise of a serious partner for the dynamic traveling employee, rather than glamorous notebook, suitable only for the order to dismiss the mosquitoes at the beach.