Modeling Excellence

NLP or neurolinguistic programming, is a powerful tool for change, that lets you just change what you want to modify it, to achieve the results of excellence that you are looking for. Modeling, i.e. the imitation of models is the essence of the PNL, i.e. the process by which human excellence can be reproduced. Thus NLP is not focused on why Yes, focuses on how we can stand out as quickly as possible using our mind and our body in the same way that a person’s success; in this way we can immediately increase the quality of our actions and of course, our results. Modeling is an accelerated learning, directly applying a series of strategies, actions, to your own personality, your own life, and can even improve what want to improve your model, enriching your own features.

If you want to achieve the results of success, that someone else is already getting (on one issue in particular that you) interested in), you must follow a procedure: 1 – choose the person model to follow.Someone who you respect, or admire, and that is actually getting the results you want to achieve. 2 Need to be near that person (if possible), to concentrate on the model (behavior and Physiology), what does (how organizes your thoughts are like your internal thinking strategies), and why does it (the beliefs of the model, what believes, in assumptions is supported). Not to be so, you will have to listen to it, see it in pictures, stories etc etc, try to investigate all aspects covering their beliefs, Physiology and mental strategies, although the latter would be difficult to distance, although aspects of their way of thinking based on their language, eye movement, way of breathing could be detected, etc. 3 – you must remove some items from the behavior of the modelto notice the differences.If for example you leave something outside, and there is not a substantial change in results, it means that it is not an essential element in this recipe for success, and you can therefore set aside.