Maelzel Possible

It has been and is a great success and is still in use to this day. It is manufactured by Swiss, Germans, French and Americans competing to open business in a field as limited as the metronomes. Following advances in 1894, Hanson was a metronome consisting of a baton that can be set to oscillate to 2 / 4, 3 / 4, 4 / 4 or 6 / 8 and with movements similar to a director. Amwell is actively involved in the matter. In 1909, White Hunter produces a pocket with a complex mechanism pendulum metronome and whose speed can be adjusted between 40 and 208 revolutions per minute. In 1930, a rocking chair in miniature with a glued vertical command bara and that put in motion on any flat surface, it was in the market. Tube weight in accordance with the tempo. The pulse was silent. With the advent of electricity, many types of metronomes were driven electrically.

Built models with lights flashing to mark time and the beginning of the measure (Morrison, 1936) and models simple with only wand waving (AM English, 1937). Some of them were conceived without having any knowledge of music or the way in which the musicians used the metronomes. Around 1900, was built the first metronome for Pocket Watch Swiss, operating exactly like a clock of flyer – but with a modification that could set a rate from 40 to 208 BPM.What is known, the only survivors of all these attempts to produce an accurate and reliable, metronome that were acceptable by critical musicians, are Maelzel types and a Pocket, the Cadenzia watch. Modern metronomes with the controlled arrival of the alternating current (AC), had been made possible to have clocks, operated electrically and not varied one second for each month or more. This made possible the invention of the metronome electric Franz (1938).

Operations Manager

It is a dynamic method. Erin Callan is likely to increase your knowledge. If strategies change, indicators must change to maintain its alignment. Which is the best way to measure and who measured? The person who measures and collects information must have independence from the subject of measurement, so as to ensure impartiality and reliability in the data. What you need to define is:-Software: requires a high or sophisticated investment? Not going to convert the measurement method in a system much more expensive that what to measure. You can start with sheets in Excel and custom become familiar and grows, can resort to a more specialized. -Periodicity? While shorter better, because so is giving tracking sufficiently in advance to the results of the different areas evaluated.

There are indicators that can be reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. Other according to your type Sue be reviewed each month-end. We are obliged to relate benefits with indicators? If we want to commit all employees of the organization with the strategy of the company, which met the expectations about products and mainly the expectations of customers, the best way is to have management indicators related to this, but that the employee is aware that if it has an indicator and achieves greater efficiency, its performance will be better and higher. Good management indicators, are efficient tool to motivate employees towards better results, which will lead to better results for the company as such. Case: DS Systems (developments in Software).

Since its foundation in 2001, DS Systems has been a leader in the market for the development of WEB applications, management and accounting software, based on latest generation platforms. The turnover in 2006 amounted to the $1.6Millones, closing 2007 with $2.2 and the projection for 2008 indicated that It could close above $2.6Millones. One of the main difficulties (according to Eng. Felipe Mendizabal), Operations Manager, has been seeking an appropriate way to evaluate performance and measure results, so that programmers, analysts, and developers gain according to the performance of the projects. The Eng. Luis Quezada r., General Manager said at a meeting that they should seek a compensation system that used indicators that motivated employees but that mainly played a part in the results (sales, fulfillment, billing, among others). Forms of evaluation: the latter method was an assessment of performance and for those who earned above 85% are bonifico them. There was much dissatisfaction, therefore for 2008 you have to change it to something better. The DS Systems strategy had managed to differentiate itself in the market by a high rate of customer satisfaction and delivery times. Unlike the market, fulfillments in delivery time exceeded 83%, while the average in the sector was by 68%. The indices of satisfaction at the end of 2007 were close to 88%, compared to 82% six months earlier. Do study questions:-measurement indicators would suggest to DS Systems? -Which is the strategy of DS Systems and confirm if the indicators are aligned with it. Do-it matches increases or bonuses to the measurement system? -Offer you a Software to implement in the form of systems the Balanced Scorecard, the investment in licenses and implementation is $ 65,000 and annual maintenance by 20% a year, would be appropriate investment?