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Now you can safely turn in his text to the head, which is quite tired of fighting for customers, who earns about $ 1000 per month buys only when exactly sure what other choice he has, and is dreaming of a quiet vacation with his family, without a single thought about work, which occupies almost all the time Error number three "The story of what good product I sell, "If you talk in your announcement that you sell – you'll never get good sales. The most important thing – a client is that he will get in eventually. Tell us about the benefits that it will purchase, and ultimately a solution to his problem. Show your client the images, how wonderful his life is changed when he got rid of annoying and not gave him a problem. Show them what skills they will receive and how they will be useful to him. Your text should first talk about your client, only if he understands what you sell it to him and exactly what he wanted. Error number four "Offer and all " At a time when you are doing his client an offer to buy, you should already be convinced that he is willing to accept it.

What does he know that this is the best / efficient / economical, and so on, solution. But as soon as you mentioned the cost, you should do restriction. That is to push the client to the fact that now there are those most favorable conditions, purchase, or a last chance to buy what you sell with such a bonus, or That the outstanding issue now would lead to even worse then Only when we see that there is a chance to miss out on something truly beneficial and useful, we are ready to pick up the phone, dial your friend and say "I really need the money! A total of three days, suddenly "Error number five "Giving discounts to make the price more attractive" One of the most effective ways to avoid such a mistake – is to increase the value of your product. You can go two ways: 1. Compare the cost of something Not quite comparable, for example, buying happiness, magic pill, and so on 2. Give bonuses that increase the value of your product, but really not worth anything to you. Mistakes of the past "To promote their programs are only known and expensive ways "Sometimes this error leads to the fact that all the money you earn" fly into the pipe.

" For a successful sales training services you need to create our own system which can not be used as it is none of your competitors. Highlights Summary: Unique articles whose purpose is to attract loyal, that is prepared to buy customers The release event, as in the online environment, as well as in print media, if you negotiated within a particular city. Advertising in social networks Advertising on the forums Selling on your own blog, and so on Even knowing how to avoid the major mistakes in selling their services, you can make a huge leap forward and get more sales than you previously had. Learn more about how to create a "crash program" and promote their training with the minimum investment can be found here