Scientologists Celebrate The 99th Birthday Of L. Ron Hubbard

Outside of America, Scientologists 1 week celebrate after March 13, because the recordings of the original celebrations only be translated in the respective languages the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard is an important holiday in Scientology. The founder of Scientology, it is thought religion, a superb researcher and author who community provided his knowledge of Scientology. Hubbard was interested at a very young age for the mind and the human being. Additional information is available at Jeff Flake. On his journeys he undertook as a teenager, he discovered Buddhism, Taoism and other religious philosophies in Asia. Among other things he turned even the Vedas. According to author, who has experience with these questions. Some fundamental discoveries in the writings of Scientology goes back to these religious writings. Basically the Tao, dhyana (Dharma), Buddhism, the Vedas and their religious works dealing often with ancient, partly over ten thousand year-old knowledge.

The religious background of various Asian philosophies helped Hubbard, his religious teaching of Dianetics and Scientology to develop. The methods it successfully apply today many millions of people to take their lives into their own hands. Hubbard has written many thousand fonts in his life that he has provided the Scientology community. These fonts can be studied today by anyone in the self-study. Anyone can it individually to make its profits and to continuously to improve in his life, if he wants.

Can be improved for example, relationship problems, or a chaotic life put back in order. Can be helped so that even a broken marriage, and much more. It’s on the person, what she wants to achieve in their lives and want to make life. It is understandable that many Scientologists look forward to the birthday party of L. Ron Hubbard. Every year, excerpts from the life of Hubbard appear BBs. It will be also informed about the global expansion of the various churches and the achieved results of various social projects from the last 12 months. More information: press service the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,