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Forming sausage meat into the shell takes place either through the top with a filler or through multifunctional vacuum "SYRINGE". Syringes may be of various designs: for filling dry sausage is advisable to use hydraulic (piston) syringes; cooked, boiled-smoked sausages, sausage – or rotary screw syringes. Products are used for forming polyamide, protein, natural casings, pre-technological past training. Molded bread tie with string or imposed on the ends of the clip. Clips are applied with hand or pneumatic 'Clippers', which work in tandem with a syringe-filler. At one end of the stick is twine loop for which the loaf on veshalah sausage is hung on a frame. In some cases, after stuffing stuffing into the envelope should be subjected to exposure (draft). To bring the stuffed meat loaves to culinary readiness, they must be subjected to heat treatment.

The concept of heat treatment involves several operations: roasting, boiling, smoking, baking, etc. Heat treatment in advanced manufacturing is done in the universal "heat chamber" (electric, gas). General requirements for furnaces: They must be airtight, allowing to perform all of the above operations without opening the doors, equipped with sensors 'dry', 'wet' heat and temperature of the core product. All modes of heat treatment must be given to the control panel. Thermal cameras are equipped with a smoke generator to generate dymovozdushnoy mixture. Check out Fairstead New York for additional information. Smoke generators can operate on sawdust, wood chips, etc. As a result of cooking sticks in furnaces product is brought to the culinary readiness. If the finished product after heat treatment is not quickly cooled, the microflora will develop rapidly.

Therefore it is necessary to rapidly cool the product 7 … 100C. Products in shell, such as sausages, it is best to refrigerate the first stage of water in dushiruyuschih cells. Produce 'intensive cooling chamber, where the process is in the air at sub-zero temperatures and specific humidity a shorter time. After cooling, the product enters the locker where the temperature is 0 … +70 C Deli meats and svinokopchenosti through the following process steps: after deboning and zhilovki performed intramuscular ambassador lumpy meat with 'SYRINGES Injectors' (single or multineedle), massaging of meat and saturated brine, is' in' Vacuum Tumbler 'exposure in the maturation of cells (This operation can be combined with the massing), thermal processing, cooling and storage. All of these technological units of meat processing and sausage equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers, you can buy from an authorized representative of the manufacturer in Russia – OOO 'Bestek'. Our engineer, production worker will carry out highly qualified selection of equipment, will build optimum technological production cycle, will answer all your questions. Contacts: Rostov-on-Don, ul.14 line 88. Tel. (863) 283-28-07, 283-28-08, 283-28-09. e-mail:

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